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Baby it’s cold outside! November 20, 2011

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s COLD out!  My feet are freezing!  Well, they’re always cold, but this week they’re REALLY COLD! 

In light of this, I’m putting off my two “sewing surprises” to make a coat, granted I already own a coat, but I wanted to make one – a “Pea coat” to be exact.  I’ve seen them at Old Navy and they’re a pretty good price, but that would be taking all the fun out of it!

M5525 – Modified view C

So off to the fabric store I went on Veteran’s day to get my mil discount and apparently I wasn’t the only one; the cashier automatically asked for my i.d. – first time that’s ever happened?  After gathering my great finds, off I went to wash and begin cutting.

I managed to get most of it finished after a long phone conversation with another mil spouse the other night.  I had also realized that the outside fabric wasn’t “beefy” enough and would let the air just pass straight through, so I added a little “insulation” and since this coat is lined, no one will know!

The very thin, natural batting I put in was hand sewn – so calming.  This should keep me very warm without a lot of bulk.  The lining to cover it up isn’t as exciting as usual, but it is beautiful.  I love linings, you can make them as crazy as you want – they don’t even have to match the item, and no one will know and then BAM!  You take it off (appropriately I hope) and there it is, you’re great lining! 

I spent most of yesterday finishing up necklaces for a customer out east, then worked on a few things for the coat and finished the “evening” off with a fb chat with the hubby at 4 am (isn’t that when most people talk with their spouse?).

Tonight I’ll be adding my own little touch to the coat; an inside pocket for my cell phone.  I took off most of the buckles and do-dads for my jacket anyway, I’m to small to have all that bogging me down.  So something extra will be nice.

I gave the boys the whole week off (the perks to being “administrator” among other roles) so I could get my baking done in time to head south to be with family for Thanksgiving, so that should also give me plenty of time to get the coat finished to wear there.

The baking should be nice also; something a little different, smells yummy and it’ll warm the house up because Baby – it’s cold outside!