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Coated in something November 27, 2011

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My coat is done *dancing a little jig* AND it looks great!

With the whole week off from school *another jig*, I was able to clip right along.  Well, except for that whole cooking for Thanksgiving thing.  But I didn’t let it hold me back too much – that’s what Thanksgiving morning is for right!

You got to see the inner workings last time, after which I was finally able to put the lining in.  The buttonholes are what really held me up however, and instead of machine holes that didn’t show up on this fabric, I did hand stitched buttonholes.


I really dislike buttonholes…


I put in an awesome looking inside welt pocket, for my cell phone or what not.



 The THREADS article I used to get this done suggests using silk organza to help turn the pocket, but since I’m a normal person and don’t have ANYTHING silk lying around, I used what I have plenty of; “recycled” dryer sheets.  Smells good and does the job!  Somewhere, there is a THREADS editor cringing…



And this is my final product –



THIS is a terrible picture of the pocket – It really does close all the way!
* Notice there is no close up of my buttonholes!


And now that, that’s done and I’m all warm and toasty, I can get started on Granny’s Christmas gift –



Mohair and silk with a bit of sparkle for a beautiful scarf.  I’m already on the 6th rep of a 13 rep pattern, so it should be done in plenty of time for Christmas.



*Now, for a safety warning.*



Who would have thought that hand sewing buttonholes could be so dangerous?  Well it can – and now you know why I dislike buttonholes… well at least part of the reason.  HA!




Kitty agree’s.  This whole sewing business is to darn dangerous and instead you should just take a nice, safe nap, preferably on something mom is working on.




2 Responses to “Coated in something”

  1. sewfordough Says:

    I LOVE it! You did an incredible job! I hope you took a nap right along with kitty when you were finished! The dryer sheet idea is genius. I think the Threads editors will steal your idea and we’ll see it in an upcoming issue. Your welt pocket would get an “A’ from my college prof! The coat looks amazing. What a great inspiration you are! Can’t wait to see the scarf when it’s finished.

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