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Make a Merry Christmas December 28, 2011

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Another Christmas has come and gone and as my first-born has pointed out…. frequently, through-out the whole season “It’s just not as much fun as you get older?”  I tried to explain that it’s all in what you make of it, but his reasoning of “Ok then – We get to stay home for Christmas, books are paid for, for the upcoming quarter and it snowed on Christmas”, just didn’t quite cut it.  I didn’t say tap your heals and wish – I said  *make*!

But let’s face it, we all know what he’s getting at.  What happened to the spectacle and awe from when we were kids?  I don’t remember getting a ton of gifts that my parents couldn’t… or wouldn’t buy.  But it always felt warm, fuzzy and just right and trying to give that to my boys sometimes falls a little flat – especially when you’re expected at 2 or more houses in one day, at the same time or you love someone less?

They did have a great Christmas though – even without a ton of gifts and being shuffled from house to house.  I tried to keep it as close to the “normal” as they’ve grown used to while we were away, even during the 3 hour drive to and from family and without their dad.


Before all the driving, hugging, wrapping, unwrapping and food, I mentioned I was making Nativity costumes – it turned out to be 25 tunics + accessories and 6 stars.  Two weeks of going to bed at 5 am and getting up at 9 and 10 am.  Two weeks of dragging serger scraps with me in my pockets, on and in my shoes, and on occasion in my hair and scattering glitter behind me everywhere I visited!

 They turned out great though and so worth it!




There is now glitter permanently attached to every molecule of this house!



Christmas IS what we make of it and in spite of the travels and my missing handsome dentist man, I chose to make it a wonderful one!


I had planned on putting us into the 21st century by pitching our 7 and 15-year-old 32″er tanks and buying us a large flat screen for upstairs and a smaller one for the boys, but opted instead to get a medium one for just upstairs and just stick my toe into the new era.  A few small kitchen appliances that we have no room for in our kitchen, that the boys (yes, the boys) requested, kindles all around (at the rate the boys read, this was cheaper than buying them books – they pay themselves off in about a month.  Not to mention no arguing about who get’s to read what book when!) and a few Hex bugs to top it all off!  Smaller really is better.

A wonderful surprise happened for us that I couldn’t have planned better, when the hubby happened to pop up on FB as we were about to open our family gifts at home the next day.  He was able to “be here” as we opened his gifts and our gifts to the boys and later on see the pictures.  That was a pretty cool treat I must admit and it made the whole holiday for me!

I managed to get Granny’s scarf done in time and it’s fabulous!

And of course, what truly makes the whole season what it is for our family. Candle light service –

Ok – for me it’s the reason, for the boys it’s getting to play with fire.  They’ll get there….




I hope everyone made themselves a wonderful Christmas!