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1 day down and can’t complain so far! January 2, 2012

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 Yes it’s only the first day, but seriously, one of my girlfriends cats died today so really the day – the year!  Could have taken a very wrong turn!  (It can only get better for her from here, right!)


What a way to start a blog – or year!

I can’t complain, well I could, but I won’t…. I managed to get my tree down before the stroke of midnight (do I know how to throw a New Years party or what!), granted it was lacking my usual hot buttered rum, but I can deal!  I managed to get all my Christmas movies in one last time AND I got to chat with me sexy dentist man on New Years – can’t beat that!  Oh wait – I can!  My house was cleaned by 4 handsome men today… granted they’re all related, but at least no one outside the family actually knows how we live!

I don’t normally do resolutions, no one ever keeps them so it seems silly, but these have been on my mind for quite a while, so I think it’s time I put them into practice.

1) Get more organized.  I’m already pretty put together, organizational wise, but with my dentist man gone, I’ve let things slide.  Since my first-born has told me (several times) that the house is a mess (never mind the fact that it’s a mess, partly because of him), I’m letting my crazy, OCD inner-chick emerge to help us out – he’s eating his words about now….


2) To trust what God’s got planned a little more (this should be interesting with the whole OCD chick running free?).  We’ll see how this goes! 



With so many things up in the air for us this coming year I could take a few different paths: 




Panic – dramatic and always a decent choice. 

Give up and just be a grouch – it seems to work for so many people.  Hey, why not join them! 

Be a freaking “Mary Poppins” and annoy every one around me – you know who they are.  I always want to just flick them on the nose! 

*OR* just accept things as they come along.  This will be a new concept to me – I like to worry, it comforts me.  I have the ulcer to prove it.

So I’m taking this year as it comes, not knowing if we’ll keep our renters… and “that house”; if we’ll stay in or get out of the military; if the Mayan calendar is correct; if Merlin will ever make it back to HULU????….. or a myriad of other questions that will undoubtedly greet me in the coming year.




One day down…..












… and 364 more to get in a few new outfits here and there!


Any thoughts?

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