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While they’re away January 11, 2012

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…. the family will play. 

Or at least do all the things dad told them not to do.

I am notorious for well-behaved, misbehavior.  I mean, is *really* that bad?  When I’m told NOT to do something there is a trigger deep down in my body that immediately wants to do that very thing… no matter what it is!  I usually let it go seconds after it enters my brain, but a few of the idea’s linger, even fester and on occasion, turn into actual projects!  This is a good thing when it’s a new outfit, sweater, teaching tool for the boys or deep down cleaning.  Sometimes it’s even a good thought when it comes to new recipes (not often, but sometimes).

My well-meaning dentist man attempts to keep these thoughts under control for both our sakes.  He really does know me too well – he’s see’s that glint in my eye!  I mean, what could POSSIBLY go wrong while building a giant cabinet… alone…. pregnant….. with 3 other kids?  Pshaw – silly man!   But alas, sometimes the thoughts get finished before he has time to object, whether by plan or by happenstance.  (read: I work quickly when motivated)

So, while my dentist man is off rescuing hostages from pirates, one tooth at a time, my thoughts turn to what trouble…. I mean projects, I can get into.

Hmmm – I wonder what other wives do?

If you’ve ever thought “I couldn’t imagine being without my spouse for that long”, just remember these few things that help manage the time for some of us, that are not kosher when the spouse is home:

~ I get the whole bed!  (I still sleep tucked only on my side?)

~ I get to dress out of baskets the whole time he’s gone (which is why all my clothes are wrinkled and I look like I just woke up…. ok, I probably DID just wake up.)

~ I only do 3 loads of laundry a week (for me) and that’s only because I sort.  Down from laundry everyday.  (I get to add girly fabric softener too – *ahem* not that I would ever do such a thing!)

~ Top Ramen, PB&J, cheese and crackers and on occasion ice cream, become acceptable dinners.  (Especially after you burn dinner… again.)

~ Stay up WAY later than “dad” ever let’s us.  (And get up WAY later than we should too)

~ You don’t have to shave for MONTHS at a time!  (Although my soccer team much appreciates it when I do!)

See, there are perks! 

So I guess I could say my misbehavior is a manifestation of me missing my dentist man?!  (Is it working?)

There are days when I get a little choked up and I’d really like him flown home just for a few minutes, for just a hug.  These are the days that walls get painted, bathrooms become spotless, chimneys get vacuumed, carpets get cleaned, light fixtures get changed and pizza get’s ordered.  Sometimes in the same day!

These are all harmless projects mind you, I do *try* to behave.  But it’s been far too long since I did something that’s on the NO list. 

So when my dentist man comes home and spots new projects, (that I smartly didn’t ask about before hand) he somewhat understands, sighs and pats me on my head.  He’s just glad the oldest is big enough to lift me and old enough to drive me to the emergency room.



I’m quite sure I’m not the only wife who does this, I just need to find them so we can gang up…. *team up* together and get these projects done faster (and avoid the whiny wives).

(I’ve been looking for my hammer for about 2 months now… he must have told the boys to hide it?  He’s getting good!)