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Admitting it…. January 14, 2012

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….. is the first sign of recovery!



This is my pre-Christmas, costume and present covered sewing room.  Can you see why I’ve been avoiding it?



This is my post-Christmas, UFO, tax and military paperwork covered sewing room.  Please note the ambient lighting…. because ANOTHER bulb went out!  Ok people… I seriously need to find my room again – this is just scary! 

While I’ve cracked down on the rest of the house, making it uber-clean, that ment time was taken away from my room.  My sanctuary if you will.  Sanctuary turned nightmare that is!  It’s very small, so it’s very easy to make it a mess (at least that’s the story I’m sticking with).  So when I needed to pull some paper work, all heck broke loose.


Please also note the half knit sweater draped off the swift.  *sigh*


I have however gotten back to my workout routine (I mean come on, ANYTHING is better than cleaning that mess right?)  Check out my cool new piece of equipment!



This is a practice surf/snow board – I love it, it’s awesome and on occasion I get it back from my boys…..


Please also note that the door to my sewing room is now closed… thus I don’t have to see the mess!  *Hey look at my new toy…. yeah, don’t open that door!*


My dentist man’s gift has been preoccupying some of my time also.  He bought me the prettiest stone in Bahrain (at least I think that’s where he got it?) to wear as a necklace.  I love it, it’s gorgeous, it’s also way to big to put next to my nothing chest.  Granted, it’s so pretty you would only be noticing the rock, but we’re trying to make mountains out of mole hills here folks (Mole hills?  Who am I kidding!)  So, I made it into a bracelet.  The folks at the jewelry store did such a wonderful job, I’m just in love with it!  I’m torn; I can’t wait to show him, but I hope he’s not upset I changed it?  It’s so stinken’ pretty!   (Besides, my hands are MUCH bigger!)





Please note the care and time I took in designing and finding a jeweler who would work with me!  *SPARKLY*   See how well jewelry works as a distraction!


I really do love the bracelet, he knows me so well.  Orange, silver and sparkly!  


So guess what I’ll be doing this weekend between soccer games? 











I’ll be out cleaning the garage! 


Any thoughts?

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