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Suburban home fever January 21, 2012

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So if you’ve been watching the news at all – you’ve seen that

our area had a HUGE snow storm.   


Couldn’t say that with a straight face!


It was beautiful for about a day and then the slush and ice started in.



So what do I do when I’m stuck in the house with 4 boys …. and I mean STUCK!

Well, let’s see?



Replace the shower head –




Shoveling –  




Feed my third-born tubs of ice cream after his oral surgery –



Sewing of course, silly!


I have been DYING to make this pattern for as long as I could remember, but the pattern was in a size six… childrens.  Yeah, I’m small, but I’m not that small.  And I can change patterns, but in all reality, remaking a pattern from this small is essentially making an all new one.  So when I found this pattern from Burda I seriously did a happy dance.  I’m so excited – I’m making two!


Notice there was no cooking or cleaning in any of that!

I LOVE the snow.  I really, really do!


2 Responses to “Suburban home fever”

  1. Claudine Says:

    I, too, find my sewing productivity goes through the roof when I’m stuck at home with my kids. Good luck with the jumper!

    • blankenmom Says:

      It’s good to know I’m not the only one that goes a little stir crazy in a “crafty” way when I can’t get out! Of course, if it were warm out, the yard would have been redone twice over and a room or two repainted. Haha!

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