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Life’s lessons – from under the bus January 27, 2012

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There are all sorts of life’s lessons and we learn them in varying ways.  Some lessons can only be learned by doing certain things – mistakes made or successes won.  We can watch someone else and learn from them.  Most are universal, while others can only be understood by a few. 

I was given this article to read by a friend of mine and it was said so well that I had to share it.  It’s about life with kids – but I think it’s actually pretty accurate for anyone, if you read it correctly. 

I wanted to also share a few of my life’s lessons, taught to me by my family, but could really translate to anyone:

  • “Quite picking your nose!”  ~ Always have a snack handy. 
  • “Did you see?  We only lost by 9 this time!” ~ It’s not always about winning. 
  • “Mom – he’s jumping on the couch AGAIN!” ~ Practice, practice, practice.
  • “UH – OH!” ~ Microwaves were not ment to cook everything. 
  • “Hey mom ~ What’s does “Motor-boating mean?” ~ Always keep up with current trends.
  • “Mom, is it just me, or is your bum getting bigger?” ~ Excersize is VERY important!
  • “Was that important?  Because I used it to start the fire.” ~ Always make copies.
  • “Excuse me Ma’am.  Is that your son stuck up at the top of the playland?” ~ You’re never to old to play.
  • “Hey mom – do girls wear pants under your skirts?” ~ Always wear underwear – especially to church!!
  • “I would never do/say/think… – I would never allow my child…” ~ Never say never, because that’s the next thing that’s going to happen!
  • “Mom – somebody *tooted* in the girls bathroom!” ~ You will never see these people again – feel free to be yourself.
  • “Stop licking the tires!” ~ Try new things.
  • “I brought you flowers from the neighbor’s pretty yard mom!” ~ Always be friendly with your neighbors.
  • “I smell pee.  Did somebody wet themselves?” ~ Plans change.  Go with the flow.

See – these are such little things in life that we could learn so much from, if we just pay attention. 

I would LOVE to hear some life’s lessons that you’ve learned from your family or from life in general.   Saves me the insanity of learning them the hard way!



2 Responses to “Life’s lessons – from under the bus”

  1. Red Says:

    You know you are in trouble when your four-year-old tells you it is ALMOST impossible to flush a grapefruit down the toilet. ~Always be nice to the plumber.

    Hope this helps, too…

    • blankenmom Says:

      HAHAHA! Good for them not giving up when it didn’t work the first time! And how thoughtfull of them to keep that nice plumber in business. xD

      And thanks for the award!! I’ll see what I can do about passing that along in a timely manner. 🙂

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