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OH! …. uh-oh February 3, 2012

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There is good news and bad news….. neither of which are dire.

Good news is that my dentist man has an actual date for coming home and it’s sooner than later – AWESOME!  (And I can’t wait to hear when it is!)

The bad news is that I haven’t finished his computer desk or our bedroom completely.  Yes everything is unpacked and working, just sitting there, as I left it several months ago when he left.  Seriously, what was the hurry?  I have months?  Well, months are going to be up before I know it and between his computer desk being buried and me dressing out of clothes baskets (closets are such a waste of time) he may not be able to make it to his side of the bed! 

“Oh – you wanted to come HOME, home…. well, that I might have to work on?”  So here soon I might have to remedy this problem.  But we wouldn’t want to get TOO much of a jump on that?  No need to rush!

In the middle of finding out this good news I managed to beautifully finish my top/dress that I’ve been waiting for so long to make.  I even fully lined it even though the pattern didn’t call for it – I’ve been waiting years, I might as well go all out!  So why no pictures?  *sigh*  It’s to long!  After spending *hours* (and I do mean hours) trying to find the best spot for it to land on my stocky little body so as to not make my thighs look like a healthy viking woman’s, I still managed to get the hem to fall in the absolute wrong spot!  So – no picture until I find the “sweet spot” that makes my thighs look slim and trim.  This may take a while; it’s hard to find the that perfect line with only 4 feet 11 inches to work with.

I did manage to get a fun costume started and that I can post no matter the fit, because it will be on “Betty”, so it will look good no matter what.  *I wish my chi-chi’s were as big as “Betty” says they are!  Talk about rubbing it in – not to mention her rock hard abs!*

And since I’ve had a request to post a few sewing lessons, I’m adding a new page just for that; so folks that come to visit my blanken world that aren’t sewers don’t get a lesson they don’t need, although they’re always welcome to start!

But no worries – all this excitement won’t get in the way of postings.  My dentist man will only be able to take so much of our craziness after his long cruise away.  And I’m sure I’ll be sent to “my room” for the sake of his sanity.


Any thoughts?

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