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On the doorstep February 17, 2012

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With my dentist man nearly here and the first-born gone for the weekend at church camp, I’m a bit out of sorts. 

I finally managed to get our room put together in a last-minute rush of cleaning, folding, organizing and removal.  That’s for my dentist man, not for the first-born.  For him it was more of a “shove – shove – shove” motion.  You’d think when a 17-year-old *SIGH* get’s to spend his birthday weekend with his best friends skiing he’d move a little faster? 

With him out the door, I started on the rest of the house.  With a few…. ok a whole bag of “Sweet-hearts” in me, I was *jumping* at the chance to clean house!  The three remaining boys were less than thrilled with this, since it included their participation.  They quickly learned that if mom couldn’t see them, she didn’t need help.  I found myself cleaning the upstairs alone with the girls.  They’re not much help really – no opposable thumbs and all.  However, with the male-folk cowering downstairs, cleaning went much faster since they weren’t actively participating in recluttering.  Oly Monster on the other hand, has made it her personal challenge to make cleaning impossible.  She managed to fling drool from one end of the room to the other in one well placed shake!  I’m saving that excitement for later….

Since it’s also the first Friday after payday, it’s also pizza night!  Which means I don’t have to cook.  LOVE IT!  Last pizza night they brought me diet soda instead of my regular soda… yeah, that didn’t go over well – BLECK!  Tonight, they accidentally brought a 2 liter instead of a small soda.  *BOING, BOING,  BOING*  This could be a VERY long night!  But that means the last of the laundry will be folded so I can put out what I plan on wearing… and change it over and over until I find just the right “HEY BABY!” outfit.  That may also mean that the van get’s cleaned out, carpet’s cleaned, oven and shower scrubbed – tonight!  *BOING*



And just as a final touch – I finally got some sewing done this week.  If someone EVER tells you sewing is boring.  They’re not doing it right!  Sewing is as fun, or boring as you make it!

*I promise this is NOT the "Hey Baby" outfit that I'm picking him up in!*


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