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What to say, what to say? March 2, 2012

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Wow the last two weeks have been a whirl-wind!

My dentist man arrived home 2 weeks earlier than the ship and it’s been great having him home again. 

The next day the first-born turned 17, and the day after that he got home from camp.  My house is full again – just as it should be.

A few days later my baby turned 10 and my dentist man’s parent’s came up to visit for his birthday.  We turned around headed down to spend the weekend with them and meet up with some friends that we hadn’t seen in a long while. 

And after a 7 months at sea, my dentist man felt as though a vacation was in order.  Two days and one night at Great Wolf Lodge was just what we needed.  Absolutely wonderful time!

In the middle of all this, our cat decided to start peeing randomly on the carpet for some odd reason?  Granted, she’s 17 and has NEVER done anything wrong, but having my house smell like a cat toilet isn’t exactly something you let pass!  She’s got a vet appt. scheduled….

Even with the cat issues, the renters letting us know that they may be moving and attempting to get taxes done, my house is full – nothing can spoil my mood!