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Honeymoons over March 10, 2012

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As all good mil-families know, the first 2 weeks home are the honeymoon phase.  Snuggles, touches, looks, giggles, family time and just the greatness of knowing your spouse (in my case my dentist man) is home safe and you don’t have to email them and wait hours to weeks for a response. 

It’s great!

We’re on our third week if you’re keeping track and my dentist man went back to work on Wednesday which is good – because I would have had to harm him otherwise. 

Families have a set schedule while their loved one is gone and when they come back, that schedule goes out-the-door.  For homeschoolers, even more so.  Trying to keep your kids on schedule while dad is youtubing on the t.v. in the same room is impossible, but dad hasn’t seen youtube in 7 months, so you’re not going to argue! 

Thank you work!

Now we’re just working on the new schedule.  The schedule that includes driving my dentist man to the ship every morning at 6:30 am and picking him up at 2:00 pm, while trying to keep three out of four boys on-task and NOT fall asleep.  (Have I mentioned I’m not a morning person…. at all!) 

We know he’s going to have to head out again soon, which gives us all mixed feelings.  We’ll be back on schedule and back to “normal”, even though his being gone isn’t normal.  Wondering if he’s safe and what he’s doing, while we’re doing the usual.


This odd set-up may be something only mil-families understand.



Any thoughts?

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