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Oh Man! March 30, 2012

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I can’t believe it!  I can’t be the only one?  How could this happen?

A serious disease?  A death?  A horrible tragedy?  Well, maybe the last one.

The top that I’ve been working on and swore I wouldn’t show you until it was perfect?  Yeah it’s not the top, it’s me.  Apparently this style isn’t made for hobbits.  Drat!


Betty wears everything perfectly!


I shortened the darn thing and the length is just right, unfortunately the hips underneath are not. 

My beautifully made top, with the lining hand-stitched in and so much care taken to make it perfect after I waited for YEARS to make it, can’t be worn by this body.  Gosh dang-it all to heck!



I will say however, that it does *fit* great.  I can move in it and it doesn’t bunch, cinch or pinch so if I don’t mind looking like a goofball, I’d be very comfortable. 


I LOVE the zipper pull!


That’s a start!

It also means I can work with it and hopefully find out how to make future ones work, especially since I have another one cut out and waiting to be put together on my sewing table.  Oy!

I’m glad I’ve got a yummy bottle of wine and my finest “crystal” to sooth my broken heart this evening.




I’ll be blocking a sweater and watching some Alfred Hitchcock if you need me….




Any thoughts?

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