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To brighten my day… month? Season! April 6, 2012

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I got a bit of money recently as a gift – they know me so well.  They knew exactly where I was headed too – straight to the fabric store!






After about 4 hours… yes, I said 4 hours of fabric shopping, I finally made it back home.  My family thought I had abandoned them; while the thought had crossed my mind as I was walking the isles, I decided I might miss them after a few years.  So back I went with my newly acquired stash – very pleased with myself. 




Did I mention I hit the yarn store on the way to the fabric store?







I must admit, the weather here is making me a bit of a curmudgeon.  Constantly grey, never warm and always wet.  What do you sew for weather like that?  Sad part is – I used to love this weather and thought I’d never want to leave!  So my strategy was to just buy fabric and figure out what I was going to do with it later.  Bright colors, happy colors, colors that would make even grey, wet, depressing days exciting!



Got any idea's - other than a cat bed?



















I’ve also been discussing with my dentist man that we need a new duvet cover.  After 17 years, it’s time!  Granted, it’s a walk through memory lane whenever I see it.  “That’s when the first-born got sick that year.”  “That’s when you had the flu.”  “That’s when we had the second-born.”  Yeah, even he agreed it was definitely time to change it out!


Our discussion was along the lines of ~

Me: “Hey Dad – what kind of fabric do you want?  I don’t want it to be too girly for you?” 

Dentist Man:  “I don’t think that’s going to be a problem with you Dear?  Nothing too busy, no orange and something that hides drool.”  (From the dog – goofball’s!)

Me: “Ok, that should be easy enough!”


Yeah, 4 hours later…..  This is what I ended up with –


Exciting - I know! Even more sad? It's the same thing as we had before!



My dentist man is out to sea again, so that gives me a bit to get that done.  Did I mention the boys all asked me what trouble we were getting into as we watched the ship float away?  That’s my boys!

The sun has been creeping out a bit more lately (does once a month count?) and it only freezes about once a week now.  I think I see a break in my disposition, maybe the bright fabric will help?  That and dreaming of our next duty station – Guam’s looking really good!  *Wink*







Happy Passover/Good Friday and Easter to you’all!


Any thoughts?

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