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*Naughty Grin* April 14, 2012

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It’s no secret – I have problems behaving.  I may be a little naughty even.

Could you imagine if we all behaved ourselves?  How boring!


At the end of last summer we found a watermelon that had gone bad.  Upon finding it the boys all asked if it could be tossed off the raised porch to see what it looked like.  Being the mischievous mom I am I of course let them – and recorded it!  They got such a kick out of something so small!  (You should have seen it – it was great!  *SPLAT* )

Joan of Arc

The saying “Well behaved women rarely make history” is one of my favorites.  And it’s incredibly true! 

Think about the *great* women in history.  How many of these women that you remembered did what they were “supposed” to do?  None – that’s why they made history!  They didn’t shoot anyone (unless necessary), they weren’t out doing things that could cause harm (I hope?).  Instead they were productive, doing what they were told women couldn’t, shouldn’t or wouldn’t do!  Usually by folks that wouldn’t do it themselves and should have. 

I wonder if these women knew they would make history?



Amelia Earhart

Trust me – I’m no feminist in today’s terms.  There’s just sometimes when a woman has to stand up and do the job – and we do it well.  Incredibly well!

"Rosie the Riveter"

Does this sound strange from a stay-at-home wife, the mother of multiple children, a homeschooler, a conservative Christian woman? *GASP*  “You’re supposed to be boring!”

Ok, so that may not put me down in history, but it does make me feel like a bit of a rebel!  (Especially when people try to argue with me – about any one of those subjects.) 

 How many women do you know that get more excited about tools than jewelry?  Who’s idea of a great date night would be fixing the car together or is the instigator of some of the biggest messes in the house?  Who started the stump fire last year???  And if I hadn’t gotten the great opportunity to be a mother, I would have been a kick-a$$ Marine!



Doing what the men folk couldn't



A good gauge has always been – if it get’s my mom to make “that” face, I know I’m headed in the right direction!  You should see her face when I dye my hair orange! 

 *I think my dentist man is sort of scared for when the boys move out and I have nothing holding me back?*


Ok, Eowyn is fictional – but she totally kicks backside! 

Life is too short to behave?  There are so many things to get into, out of and talk about!  (I won’t tell you about all of them – for my family’s sake.)

I don’t want to be known or remembered as well-behaved?  I want to be known for the crazy things I did and did for people.  I want to make history – even if it’s just by making people grin. 

Now excuse me – there’s a stump out front that’s missing some lighter fluid…..  heeheehee



2 Responses to “*Naughty Grin*”

  1. Amanda Damaschke Says:

    I read this blog posting and I was a inspired. I had to share it with my friends and family! I don’t normally comment on blogs especially when it is someone that I do not even know!! As a Christian women, Mother of 1 little boy, HUGE military supporter and a little on the rebellious side myself, I loved it!!

    • blankenmom Says:

      Well thank you for the awesome compliment and for your support! I’m finding that a lot of Christian women seem to think their job in life is to “behave”; I couldn’t imagine God giving us a boring life like that after giving us so much to work with. 😉

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