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Every house a home April 20, 2012


I have a mission – just as my dentist man has his “missions” (pertaining to teeth – yeah, not all that exciting) at each duty station, I have my mission at each house.  To make every house our home…. every time we move.





This doesn’t sound all that difficult on the surface really.  You put your stuff in it and there ya go.  Which was fine when the boys were all under 7 and I had just enough time in my day to get a load of laundry in and no one really cared what the furniture looked like – I was just happy the puke was cleaned off!



Those days are long gone and it’s time we actually decorated.  And for the most part we have and it’s looking really good!  That is – in the living room!  That leaves how many other rooms to make usable and nice looking?  I will admit, my sewing room is “decorated” (read: made usable) but that’s only because I’m the only one that uses it… sort of?










My biggest concern at this point is the boys’ play/rec room.  I don’t really care what their bedroom looks like, they’re starting to move out as of next year, so things will be changing anyway in there.  What I’m trying to do is collect the clutter that well, collects in there, just like every other parent.  The difference here is we have to move it in a year and every few years after that!  So anything I buy I have to look at the weight, extra durability (to not only make it through the boys, but the movers – *dun, dun, dunnn*). 





When I look up idea’s on decorating rec rooms, they tend to be over the top, which is fine,  it’s just for idea’s – but none of the idea’s are really portable.  Even painting is really out of the question since you have to paint it back in just a few months.  Not worth my time or money! 













They don’t have “a lot” of things in there, but what they do have tends to collect in the corners.  And nobody but the boys really want to go in there because it looks like…. well, their room – which means their game system has moved to my living room for friends to enjoy.  *I am not enjoying that so much!*

What I’m looking for is a spot for them to hang out downstairs (at least at this house) and have ample storage, for minimum weight. 

Oh and it has to be able to fit through every door imaginable!

East coast houses have extremely low door jams, which ment that while we lived at “that house” we slept on a mattress on the floor for 4 years because the box spring couldn’t make it and we were too cheap to buy a new bed frame.  It worked – so glad we have one now though!  (No box spring this time – I thought ahead)  So nothing over 5 1/5 feet!

So light weight, breakdownable (yes, I just invented a new word!) and durable.  BAHAHA!

Yeah, *I* don’t even believe that possible!




I’ll keep you updated…….


One Response to “Every house a home”

  1. leamn Says:

    “To make every house our home..” wonderful 🙂 My hubby is with the military, too. We have the same mission. Nice to drop by here!

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