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Oh sunshine…. April 27, 2012

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…. I’ve missed you so!




This last weekend, we actually got to see the sun – I mean, REALLY got to see it.  Not through the clouds, not in passing, not over the mountains and not for a minute or two.  3 FULL days of wonderful, magical, beautiful *WARM* sunshine! 


Do I sound like a woman who misses the sun?




Everyone and their brother, sister and third uncle on the weird side was out trying to soak it up – our family included.










While the boys went out back to play, I headed out to buy myself a new tool.  No worries – it was with my dentist mans approval.  In fact, he *asked* me to get it – honest! 


About 5 years ago before we moved away, we had a big, beautiful truck.  But because of the move out east, we had to sell it.  His father bought it from us… and then sold it to his brother…. who we just bought it back from.  Keepin’ it in the family!  And she’s a beauty alright – but she’s got a bit of a rust problem.  At 27 years young, I’m thinking she’s due for a few issues however. 



My dentist man found a few tutorials on-line on doing a “Rustoleum” paint job and since the truck didn’t cost us much and is pretty darn old, getting a “real” paint job doesn’t make sense and doing it ourselves, even on the cheap, makes total sense.  He thought this would be a great project to do to get himself out of the house…. I beat him to it – the slow poke!



I now have my own Random-Orbital Sander – can you see my excitement!  I finished off the hood and front sides before he came out to play.  He started the top of the cab before he got bored and headed in. 



Unfortunately it started raining…. again, I know – DUH!  So now the sanded spots are starting to rust…. again. 

This weekend is supposed to be sunny *fingers crossed* and I’ll get the first layer of paint down on the front end.  It won’t be pretty, but it will at least stop the rust until I can get the job finished! 


My plans (notice this no longer includes a he or we *snicker*) are to paint it the same baby blue and paint on a bed protector to spiffy it up and keep it from rusting out again. 


Our second-born is counting on getting this for his first ride (which is only 2 years away *sigh*), so we want to keep it around long enough.


My thinking here was that my dentist man’s intent all along was to have me do it so he could keep me out of trouble and direct my work in a more controlled direction.  Hmmm – I’m thinking flames and maybe some hydraulics on this beauty!  Good luck on that one!!





Any thoughts?

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