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A day in the life May 5, 2012

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A lot of people may know what happens in the day of the life of a stay-at-home-mom, but not everyone knows exactly what goes on when that SAHM becomes a homeschooling mom.  “What exactly DO they do all day?”  And like any other family, it depends on the day.  But the other day, after all was said and done, I had to sit back and laugh at the fact that this WAS normal for us and that I’m pretty ok with that!


Wednesday – One month left to school.  (What – I like my 3 month break!)


9:30 am – I hear the boys stirring and getting their breakfast ready.  They’ve been awake for a couple of hours, but they don’t come up because they know I’ll give them chores.  So they stay in their room and read, or build a Bionicle.  I am still in bed, but am listening to my favorite morning radio show.  I come out to have my coffee with them and get the day started.  All three pets follow.  “Boys, dishes please.”  “Boys, dishes PLEASE!”  “Boys DISHES!”


10:00 am – School starts.  Attention spans leave.  Farting noises begin.  Both dogs park under the table and the cat chooses a lap.  I get the heater at my feet.


10:15 am – “I’m hungry, what’s for dinner?”  “Son – it’s 10 am?”  A confused look is passed and we continue on.  Radio station is still playing in the background and mom’s head is in her new welding book.  The heater is still at my feet.


10:30 am – Someone fakes knocking, causing the big dog to go racing through the house, knocking the table to one side and the old lady dog to bark at nothing (she doesn’t even know what she’s barking at).  Mom’s stink eye passes by all of them.  The table is put back and all the pet’s park themselves again.  I now have claw marks on my thighs from a very angry cat.


11:25 am – I have to go to the bathroom, which I wouldn’t normally announce.  However, it fits perfectly into this day…  All three pets follow.  As I lock the door to said room (because the cat can open doors) I begin to hear the conversations.  “What if a snake came out your nose!”  “No – what if you threw-up and had to eat it?”  “That’s gross, but what if you got into a car accident and died, but nobody knew?!”  (Ok, I couldn’t exactly tell what they were saying, but I KNOW it was along these lines!)  “Boys, quiet.  Schoolwork!”  So they had their conversations quieter, but they’re less than 15 feet away, so I can still hear them.  “Boys, quiet – SCHOOLWORK!”  There is quiet for about 2 minutes and then I hear shuffling?  As I walk out I see one child standing on the table bench with one foot on the table.  One child is on the book-case (which is on its side behind the table bench) and one child under the table with the dogs?  All three scramble back to their schoolwork.  *eye roll*


11:30 am – The first-born emerges and get’s ready to head to his classes.  (Running start is a college program for high school students.  They can graduate with a 2 year degree AND from high school at the same time – NICE!)  “Sign here, here and here.  Oh and I need some money for this.”  Go figure!  Some days he rides his bike the 15 miles there and back, some days he drives a carpool.  Today he drives.  “Bye-son”  (Family joke)


12:00 pm – Lunch time… well for those who have finished their sent back schoolwork that is.  So the one who’s finished and is “supposed” to be making his lunch is entertaining his brothers with more bodily noises and I think he just drooled?  “Go make your lunch son!”


This get’s repeated two more times.


12:20 pm – The other two finish and get up to make their lunch.  I get to finally take a shower, which is good, because my teeth are fuzzy and my hair is doing something unnatural and my dentist man will be home in about an hour!  All three pets follow.  The boys race for the heater.  A minor fight insues.  I think there was licking involved?


While in the shower, I hear a few pots fall.  I hear a scream of some sort pertaining to “Stop jinxing me!”  I can hear the cat trying to fit under the door and the dog’s tail thwaking it when she thinks she might get food. 


12:45 pm – Shower done.  Dressed.  Quaffed and ready…. to sit back down for a few more hours of schoolwork.


1:00 pm – Lunch is done and eaten and I finally wrangle them all back into their seats.    The heater is again at my feet.  The radio station is still playing in the background.  And all three pets have followed.


1:30 pm –

Third-born “I’m done.” 

Me “With everything or just caught up?” 

Third-born “With everything.” 

His older brother “Show off!” 

Me “Ok, unload dishes, clean up your bed, anything that’s yours in the playroom and the toilet in your bathroom.”  He heads downstairs… but he’ll be back up in a few minutes to bug his brothers – and to eat, again.


My dentist man comes home about this time – dogs fly through the house (usually moving the table), cat runs away.  Boys yell all the weird stuff mom said and tell dad all the gross things that each of them did all morning.  They ask him what he wants for dinner, his usual response is “Pizza, but what are we really going to have?”  And then he hides out in the other room, so as to not distract his offspring.


1:45 pm –

Fourth-born “I’m done, sort of.  I think?” 

Me “How do NOT know if you’re done?” 

Fourth-born “Well, I think I am, let me check?  Yeah, I’m done.” 

Me “Ok, do two more assignments.”  Eek – I think he just growled at me? 


2:10 pm –

Fourth-born “Iiiii’mmmm DOOONNNNEEE” (head lays down as though he’s been working hard labor for 3 days) 

Me “Excellent, now – go do the silverware, bathroom floor, your bed and anything that’s yours in the playroom.”




3:30 pm –

Second-born “I’m done!”  as he races out of the room before I can give him chores. 


“Get back up here and do the dishes!  Don’t forget the hallway, your bed and the playroom!”


The dogs emerge to see what all the excitements about.  The cat has since moved herself to the sewing room since fabric doesn’t move.  Dinner is being picked out by the third-born, who’s halfway sticking out of the freezer while his younger brother points to what he thinks would taste good. (Buddy system for the freezer you know!)  The second-born is being barked at to do the dishes – still.


The rest of the day I imagine is pretty normal.  Dinner preparation, chore inspection, meal time, a show from Hulu together.  Boys go to bed and mom heads to her sewing room and dad heads to bed.  Oh, did I mention my first-born came home eventually?  He did, I promise – I have the food bill to prove it!




Any thoughts?

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