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Black and blue May 8, 2012

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This last Saturday I spent the entire day at the indoor soccer field.  It wasn’t sunny out, so I really had no problem with that.  Not to mention watching 3 of my 4 boys play soccer is always a blast – even if some of them aren’t the best on the team. 


In between the second and third game, the boys and I were outside playing our own little game.  We were out there for about and hour and had such a blast!  About 5 minutes before going in for the last game I was goalie and managed to sprain 4 fingers on my right hand, but mostly the ring finger – that’s the hand I use! 


I never realized until now how much I use that finger for everyday use?  I don’t need it to pick my nose?  I don’t wear a ring on it?  It’s not the “naughty” finger?  And I don’t use it to look fancy while drinking tea.  But man does it hurt to do anything!


And each morning I get to wake up and see it become a new color.  The first morning it was shiny purple-red, all fat and swollen.  Yesterday it was green, with a lump in the middle and this morning it was green and blue spotted with very little swelling.  There’s even been some interesting popping and crackling for added effect.  It’s been sorta fun!


And in spite of me cutting 30+ lbs of meat last night (before it went bad) it’s only slightly sore, which surprises me!


Sewing is out for a bit, typing has been a challenge and bathroom visits have been interesting – I don’t know how people with broken fingers, hands and arms do this?


Tonight I play my game of soccer – but I’m not goalie thank goodness!  We’ll see what new injury I can come home with?


Would I play with them again, knowing how much this hurts?  Heck ya!  What a blast we had out there and remembering their laughter makes any pain fade away, just like the colors on my finger.





Any thoughts?

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