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FIMD May 11, 2012

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Foot-in-mouth-disease –


We all have it.  Don’t deny it!  Some are just better at hiding the symptoms better than others.  I myself being a talker, have it horribly and have yet to find the perfect cure.




Symptoms include:

Saying inappropriate things – which can either be at the wrong time, place, to the wrong people or all of the above.

Having NO clue that you just said something totally off the wall.

Blurting things out before you think.

And/or being just plain stupid.  This is by far the worst symptom.




If you don’t know if you have it or not, these guidelines may help:

If no one will sit near you.

People ask your spouse if you’re all right.

Being asked if you need your medication.

If most of your conversations end with the sound of crickets.





I often find that given a few minutes, what I just said starts to hit me and I think “OMG’sh – did I *really* just say that?  Which thank goodness, means I don’t have the last symptom. 





But exactly how DO you fix this problem?  Especially after you’ve already inserted said foot?  I suppose if it was something you really can’t recover from, you could just walking away.  But more often than not, fessing up to your stupidity will not only go over more smoothly and give you back a smidgen of your dignity but you may also be able to pull it off as something funny allowing it to be laughed off (depending on how pathetic your remark was).




The older I get however, I realize I’m not as limber as I used to be and it’s getting much more painful to both insert and remove my foot.   I’m learning that keeping my mouth closed, makes it harder to get it stuck in the first place.