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Fine qualities May 25, 2012

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For the second-borns 14th birthday we took him to see “Avengers”.  I had no problem with this since I’m one for action flicks.  Actually, I won’t go to see a movie unless I’m guaranteed some explosions. 


As I was watching the eye-candy on the screen I slowly realized that each character was a bit of everything every woman dreams of in a man (well, most women).  Traits other than their well-trained physics that is….


Cpt. America-  Patriotic, devoted, well-organized and a bit old-fashioned.





Iron Man-  Tech savvy, sense of humor, knows what he wants and a wealthy businessman.





The Hulk-  He’s complex.  Banner:  Smart, inventive and passionate.  Hulk:  Uses his anger to protect those he loves and a bit animal like.  (Don’t look at me like that!) 







Thor-  Demi-god, strong, sense of family, strategic and can take us to the moon.





Come on, any woman worth her salt (and into men) would be fudging to say these qualities don’t float-their-boat one way or another.  I think it’s great that they managed to capture this in a genre that tends to be geared towards men.  Maybe this is secretly what men want to find in themselves? 

How great it would be to see more guys emulate these men in some way!  Granted, smashing buses, flying in a super suit and deflecting bullets with their fashion conscious shield may not be reality, but those aren’t really the qualities women are looking for anyway.  How often are we actually invaded by aliens from outer space anyhow? 






I hope you’all have your superhero – and if you’re still waiting… remember, don’t be too picky, even superhero’s have their weaknesses!









Any thoughts?

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