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Apple Cider beer and a loooong week June 1, 2012

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To be truthful, this long week went by in a flash.  Mostly do to the activity levels – *ZOOM*








I’m exhausted, but at least have a lot to show for it….. including an extra 15 or so pounds thanks to a new find – Apple Cider beer!  It’s *yummy* and my dentist man is parked right behind my workout equipment.  Between these two, it’s making me look like I’ve put on my “freshman 15”.  I should probably stop asking him when he ships out next however?  We’ll need to be remedying this – PRONTO!






I’ve been enlisted in making “planets”  and various other crafts for our churches VBS (vacation bible school).  So while the last two remaining boys finish up their schoolwork for the year, I sit and roll balls, giving us endless jokes for a family full of males! 







As of last weekend I FINALLY finished a long-awaited UFO project.  I had gotten to the point of “good-enough”, which is never a good spot to be in.  But they are finished and I’m moving on!
























I am finishing up 4 pairs of pajama bottoms for my dentist man tonight – those should go over well on the ship – HA!





My favorite is the “yoga frog”!




And I have a stack of my own clothes to work on…. I hope I still have enough fabric after this weight gain? 







Summer can’t quite come fast enough with all it’s free time that it’s teasing me with!


I guess the lesson here is to drink more Apple Cider beer and then the weeks will go by REALLY fast and I won’t care how big my belly gets! 



Got my summer plans down!


Any thoughts?

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