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Follow me…. June 8, 2012

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….. I’m thinking.  Let’s walk and talk shall we?





We are heading out next week for a sort of “working” vacation.  We’re trying to see if we like it on the eastern side of our state as a place to live.  As in stay, forever…



If we like it out there, we’ll get out of the Navy and start a “normal” life.  If it doesn’t really do much for us, we’ll stay in until retirement, in search of a place that really works for us.  So no pressure!?!?


I’m a bit nervous? 




On the staying put side we have so many pluses:

We get to make AND keep friends… you know, not just on FB.

We get to buy a house, actually live in it and do work on it for us – not for the next people.

We can grow a garden.

We can have animals (not including the dogs and cat…. or children).

I’ll actually know the street names.


No neighbors.  (I plan on getting a small farm)

My dentist man could open his own practice.





But on the staying in side there are so many good things too:

Stability of a pay check through the Navy.

I like seeing new places and learning about the differences.

Moving keeps the clutter down and when else am I supposed to dust?

If we don’t like a place, we’ll be moving soon enough!

I want to see other countries and this seem’s like the best way to do it.

LOT’S of benefits for the military!! 

There are beaches at all the Navy bases.

My dentist man doesn’t have to worry about a practice.








Oy – there are so many choices we have to make in such a small amount of time. 












While were there we are going to try to enjoy ourselves a bit, we’ll be hitting an amusement park and trying a few festivals.  We should actually get the chance to see the sun too…. ahhh, the sun! 






This will also be our first trip without the first-born also.  *Sigh*  It had to happen eventually, it just all comes so fast.  (He’s staying home for work and to watch “the girls”.)


I do have to say that I’m thankful – we have two great choices to choose from and not a whole lot of people can say that right now!


So – in about 2 weeks, we should know what we’re doing with the rest of our lives.  *GULP*




2 Responses to “Follow me….”

  1. Amanda Burrow Says:

    Wow, no pressure at all. My prayers and thoughts are with your family my dear!

    • blankenmom Says:

      THANK YOU! Prayers for a wise choice is exactly what we need for this too! Keep me up to date on how your up-coming decisions come out also please!

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