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Keep on the sunny side…. June 22, 2012

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….. always on the sunny side. 


*music plays here*







We (three of our four boys and my dentist man, that is) drove the country side of our state and looked for a suitable home, if there was one, if we choose to leave the Navy. 





We came back with more questions than answers….  figures.

The other side provided some sun though, which was a good thing since we were all about to kill each other (with kindness of course…..) from lack of vitamin D. 





We could only agree on one location out of about 10 and only partially on the one.  We did however find numerous homes to drool over for when we we’re ready to wrangle a few sheep and yarn bunnies. 

The boys loved the amusement park their dad decided to throw in to the middle of the trip, on Father’s day no less.  (‘Cause that’s what every dad wants to be doing on their day right?)





Along with seeing snow in June and dust devils, desert, driving through the clouds, waterfalls, actual flowing waves of grain and more fruit than you can shake a stick at – we have seen just about everything of our state. 











The biggest thing I got out of this trip:  You know how you drive past little towns on the way to where-ever it is you’re going?  They’re just a blur in your window, maybe a quick bathroom stop, but they’re so small you don’t even really notice them?  Yeah, these are the towns we were looking at.  And the thought crossed my mind that the majority of people here in the beautiful little towns were born, raised, married, gave birth and died in the same town.  Some may have visited a few other places, for a week or so.  Maybe even four years of college or a short stent in the military, but majority of their lives were in the same town…… this is foreign to me. 





What a great life for them!  These are the people who feed us, clothe us, make sure we have the building blocks for the products we need.  Field, after field, after field of what ever they know best to grow.  Day in and day out.  Amazing!





However, I’m not sure I’m there yet.  My 10 or so chickens, a couple of sheep and yarn bunnies are still not quite the dreams I want them to be.  I think there are still too many things outside of this quiet life I still want to try – although, this could possibly afford me more space to try things that moving couldn’t. 










I love that I could get a small glimpse into their lives.  We even ended up accidentally driving through one of their parades one day – right down the middle of it!  We got to see just about everyone in their town, sitting right there on the side-walk.  I’m sure after that many days of driving, we were quite the sight to see too!











While we’re deciding, my dentist man will be out on another cruise.  The boys will be at various church functions, camps, soccer events and a few other outings, while I’ll be keeping on the sunny side of life.


Any thoughts?

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