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Perspective June 25, 2012

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Often times what we think is going on, is all about what we see and when – perspective. 












I hate crowds because all I see are “butts and boobs”; neither of which are good when you’re in a crowd.  My dentist man doesn’t mind them (crowds that is) because he can see over all this and get to where he’s going.  Where-as I don’t mind traffic because it gives me a minute to think about where I’m going, he doesn’t have the same appreciation however.










Two different perspectives on the same situations.  We’re both there, but we see things completely different.






Have you ever had a day where you thought you were lookin’ good?  Your outfit looked great, your hair cooperated, your wrinkles took a day off – you’re hot and you know it!  You pass by several people you think are into you and you nod a big “Hey, what’s up!”  You get home and you see a giant boog hanging out of your nose…… yeah, awesomeness.


Perspective, it’s all about what you see at the time.






After our long three years in “that house”, with a crazy bully neighbor and a horribly run town, I thought I had been defeated.  Even though 99% of the people we met were absolutely wonderful and I can’t imagine life without knowing them, one or two people still ruined our entire experience.  And when I mean ruined I mean, ulcer causing, panic attack inducing, my kids are afraid to go outside, hand me another drink, ruined!  After asking the Lord to give me the words and wisdom to counter this attack on my family for the whole three years, I felt I was being met with silence.  Nothing….


…… or so I thought.


It’s been almost 2 years now since we’ve been gone and I’m starting to really recover.  The boys playing out front in the street no longer cause me to panic that they’ll get yelled at.  People passing my window no longer cause me to turn and look in fear of someone looking in or police pulling up.  Seeing or hearing a similar truck no longer makes my stomach turn and someone knocking at the door no longer fills me with dread of another court date.  Still, this whole time I had thought I had missed something.  Maybe I hadn’t been listening?  I did something wrong in the whole situation?


Again, perspective.


The other night I was reading about Job and his trials.  He never lost his faith in spite of everything that went on around him.  He questioned.  But he never lost his faith.  As I read that, my perspective changed from “Why didn’t I hear you Lord.  What was I doing wrong?” to “I survived.  Was made stronger and can make it through just about anything! ”  It wasn’t a test or a trial, it was a teaching moment.







As we moved out there, I hated the whole place.  It wasn’t anything I wanted and frankly I wasn’t quite sure I could keep up with the craziness.  Realizing now what I’ve gotten out of it; not only could I keep up with it, I surpassed it!  I dealt with craziness on steroids!  Yes, it may have roughed me up, but I came out of it none-the-less!  I learned so much and met so many people who have helped us in so many ways.  It turns out that it was a blessing!





The little man in his little town, will always be there.  He’ll always be bitter, mean and angry.  I could choose to keep his issues, or I could hand them back and walk away with the lesson and gifts I got out of it instead.











The Lord wasn’t ignoring me; He was there the whole time.  He gave me people to hold me up, help me through and to take care of; laughs when I needed it and family to share it with.  He didn’t say He’d take us out of the bad situations; He said He’d be there with us through them.  After all, it’s in the fire where the clay get’s stronger, burns off the imperfections and get’s us to where He wants to be. 









I may still be smoking but I’ve moved on to a better view.





Any thoughts?

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