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Wait, What?! July 14, 2012

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I’ve been super busy lately.  Ok, I’m always pretty busy, but this time I’ve purposely been making myself busy. 





My dentist man has been gone and while this isn’t unusual in our house, his higher-ups had been hinting that there would be some big news coming down the line.  Big indeed!  While out to sea, most likely so they couldn’t escape, they informed the whole ship that they’d be the lucky recipients of another long cruise…. and then proceeded to soothe them by feeding them like kings!  I think my dentist man mentioned something about steak and crab legs?  Where’s my dinner?




Oh wait…. sorry –






In lieu of grouching and cursing, I started to redo the homeowners deck.  What?  Isn’t that what your renters do?  I could sit and sew or knit or read all day since the boys are out of school for the year, but then I’d go to bed all frustrated… and lonely.  Instead I go to bed exhausted, sore and a bit burnt, but I fall right to sleep! 





And since I can’t sand when it’s dark, I have been attempting to work on a few new sewing projects now that my robot is done, (and she looked very cute by-the-way) in my evenings. 

I have also discovered a new toy I want.  Ssshhhh – don’t tell my dentist man, he’ll just say no!





When the whole project is complete I’ll share the photo’s; it’s pretty drastic! 

I also have some walls to paint from where the last renters put a few holes in and tried to patch over them, but left a giant white patches on a bright red wall, tan wall and brown wall instead?  The poor homeowners!


This morning I woke to a huge thunder-storm, very unusual for this area, which kept me from my deck project so instead I actually folded laundry.  My dentist man popped up for a few minutes of FB and heard that I was actually taking this drastic step and *knew* I was missing him.  Now, if I could just bring myself to put it all away?





Now how to distract myself at his family reunion next week when I get asked about my dentist man many times over by curious, well-meaning loved ones?