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NOPE, NOT READY! August 28, 2012

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 It’s the time of year that kids start their soccer, go back to school and the cool winds of fall are starting to interrupt my morning coffee on the porch.







I guess it’s good timing?  My dentist man’s ship pulled out of port Monday for another 9 month-ish trip.  I was sort of hoping for a rainy day since that’s what my mood was, but instead the late Summer sun kept the day just as it should be, calm and light.  I’ll miss him, but he’ll be back soon – the sun promises!

Most kids are starting back to school around here Thursday or Friday of this week, which always seems a bit silly to me.  Not only to start it on the end of the week, but before the holiday?  I guess that’s why I home school though?

However in our house, with all the craziness that has gone on with our summer between trips, breaks, deployments and home issues I’m just not ready yet.  I’m really not – not in body, mind or soul and really you need at least two of those to get things going.  So I’ve decided to start late this year – I hear no complaints from the minions!  Not by much though really, just long enough to get my act together…. for school anyhow.

I wasn’t quite ready for soccer either?  “You want to start… already?  But summer isn’t even over yet?”  No sooner did I say that than the cool winds started blowing!  That’s what I get for saying it I suppose.

As for that that wind – I guess my 3 weeks of “hot” summer days were supposed to be enough?  I think I got spoiled by the S.E.  I want a good 3 MONTHS of hot!  I demand more days!  And yet, the extra blanket has been put back on my bed and the heater in my sewing room is buzzing again. 

While driving my dentist man to base the other morning, we even had to turn the heater on.  Sort of sad I think.  I guess I should be thankful though – that’s been 3 weeks without rain too, which is a rarity around here.  Also makes it so I don’t have to mow now that my mowing-boy is broken.

So, as my summer days are closing in on me faster than I can move, I’m finishing up outdoor projects before the rain starts again.  Before I NEED to start school and before dastardly Fall sets in completely making me hunker down until our next move.






Some days…. August 17, 2012

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….. you just can’t win.





Others you’re a super star!


We’re usually on the other end.  My dentist man and I are used to having two choices:  Sucks and sucks more.  So when we were recently given two great choices, we were shocked!


Over the last month we’ve had our renters trash “that house”, then decide they want to move.  We’ve had a broken arm, surgery and a reaction to the follow-up meds.  We’ve had a car drive into the rental and a retainer eaten.  Our last big middle finger from life was when the town police decided to tell our insurance person off!


*Finally a transition*


With the angel that came to our door to save my son from a horrid evening of pain, everything started to turn.  We were honestly starting to get worried there; with these things usually coming in 3’s, we were heading towards 9’s.


The house is fine short of some minor damage and our son is doing great.  Everything is coming together to get “that house” rented again.  And wonder-of-all-wonders, my dentist man got a job offer! 


We still haven’t decided what we’re going to do yet.   However, we are glad to have finally made it through this last crazy month before he ships out again and hopefully we can stay more on the star side for a while.






Let’s just go with annaphaltcic? August 10, 2012

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It turns out the second-born had to have surgery on his arm after all….








That’s ok, these things happen. 


But when you have food allergies, this creates a whole new set of issues.





The second-born is allergic to corn (gmo), wheat (gluten) and dairy (casein) – the three things that are in *everything*!  Right now, go walk into your kitchen and look at anything you can reach for – it’s ok….. I’ll wait.


Bread – wheat of course, but also corn syrup, corn starch and probably dairy

Steak sauce – corn syrup, caramel color (wheat)

Ketchup – corn syrup

Lunch meat – corn syrup, corn starch, wheat, caramel color and sometimes dairy



Now go look in your medicine cabinet – waiting…..


Your pills, most likely compressed using corn starch (modified food starch, so it could be any starch that they got in that day). 

Syrups, most likely sweetened with corn syrup and may be suspended in corn starch and maltodextrin (which is most likely made with corn). 





When you have food allergies, it can cause different symptoms; some mild and some extreme.  While at camp my son came across a few other kids with the food allergies – a wonderful woman there was nice enough to take on the challenge of all these issues and make an allergen free menu.  *SAINT*  There were kids who would get physically ill if they came into contact with certain allergens – as in hospital visit. 

My son happens to grow horns and become evil OR get’s depressed and we don’t see him for days.  It can also cause sores or rashes on his body. 

Besides these reactions, when your body is trying to fight this allergy, it brings your immune system to a halt while it has to do battle with what it perceives as an invader.  If you’re at home, this should be ok because you’re around all your usual cooties (technical term there), but if your say – getting surgery and having steel rods put in your arm, your body has to do battle on four fronts.  The fight against the rods, the incision, the cooties at the hospital AND the food allergies.

While *I* get this and have to deal with it every day, the poor nurses, docs and pharmacists think you’re nuts and figure – he won’t *die*, just deal with the behavioral problems when they show up!  Which, if we couldn’t find anything else we would do, but if we can find an alternative – WE’RE GOING TO! 

“He can’t have apple juice?”  (corn syrup)  “He can’t have apple sauce?”  (corn syrup)  “He can’t have crackers?”  (wheat, possibly dairy)

“He can have rice.”  Rice it was!

What if those behavioral problems turn into physical problems because he hurts himself in a fit of depression?  Or because he shows “manic” symptoms and won’t sit still?  What if his body can’t fight on all four fronts and get’s an infection?  What if the corn causes sores under his splint?

I honest-to-goodness thought the pharmacist was going to flog me when I went through all the prescriptions! 

Food allergies aren’t just about not liking a certain food or even a little stomach ache – they’re about real issues and sometimes horrible consequences, but if you’re not going to die, it’s hard to convince a lot of people that it’s real.

Trust me – we know we’re a huge pain when we go to restaurants, doctors offices or even the movies.  Sleep-overs are always interesting too.  If you think it’s a pain for you for an hour, try living this way your whole life.






MIA August 2, 2012

I usually write on Friday night, but with recent events and up coming happenings, that just wasn’t possible. 

There has been a lot going on causing me to be MIA on here.  Deck painting, camps, breaks, deployment homecoming and deployment readiness *sigh*, a new costume and sign ups for everything from college for my now senior, tutoring for my now freshman and soccer for all four.


My dentist man has been home a full week and a half now after his month cruise and has about the same amount of time left before he leaves for the long cruise again.  Sometimes at night I still reach over thinking he’s gone and smack him on accident forgetting.  After a few weeks of that, he may want his bunk back! 

We’re getting things ready again; extra socks, skivies, gum – things he can’t easily pick up on the ship.  Paperwork in, done and signed.  Check, check and recheck.

It was awfully nice of him to visit!

My two oldest went off to camp last Sunday; it was the first for our second-born.  On the second night of his first camp ~
























17 years we managed to make it without any broken bones; stitches yes, bones no.  As he saw me walk into the emergency room, he was scared to death we were going to be upset – upset?  I was just so happy to see him looking otherwise healthy and seemingly fine?  No crying, he was even joking around?  “Mom – I got to ride in an ambulance!  It was cool!”  He asked the doc if he could go back to camp with his soft cast on and she o.k.’d it as long as he didn’t do much; they can’t reset his arm until the swelling goes down anyway and “He can be bored and in pain at home, or he can be entertained and in pain at camp.  And there they have a trained nurse!”  With a heavy heart, I sent him off with a still broken arm in a soft cast, his youth group leader and his older brother and haven’t gotten any sleep since!  

I can hardly wait for them both to get home tomorrow!

I was so proud of my oldest too.  He came with his brother to the hospital, sat there for hours, bought him some candy while he was sitting there waiting and took great care of him.  I just couldn’t be any prouder of him at that moment!

In one night, my second-born changed from kid who would cry over a stubbed toe, to a young man who could hold-his-own and my oldest turned into a man who I’m confident in letting go of next year.

See – you really do learn from camp!


I got a call earlier this week that our renters will be leaving us.  I expected this since they had lost their job earlier and the rent had been coming in later and later.  I don’t blame them, I think it was a wiser choice to move to something they could afford better.  But as they are preparing to leave, I had discovered that they had completely let the yard go.  (I’m a bit nervous to see the inside of the house now?)  So, we now have yard maintainance people.  With everything that has gone wrong with “that house” I think we are keeping the economy of that state alive!


But on our end, I have finally finished the deck!  I’m very proud of this moment – even more so now that I know that the homeowners like it.  Not to mention my dentist man says it looks great!




Before (that would be my oldest “helping” me move the furniture off the deck)


After (that would be the big dogs “monster”)



















I was a bit worried about the color?  I was expecting Cedar… you know, red.  Not orange!  But as it usually goes with me, it turned up orange.  I like orange, but not quite that much?  It does look and feel good though!


This weekend with 3 of the 4 boys in tow, we’ll be heading down to visit my dentist man’s folks and a few of our friends before he heads out again, leaving the oldest behind to watch the girls (of the four-legged kind) and get back to work.  We’ll be bringing along one broken boy and two wild monkeys.


As for sewing, since I can’t paint the deck or grind stumps at night (neighbors usually frown on chainsaw use after dark) I’ve been sewing a lot.  Most of which is boring shirts, but lovely knits!  A friend of my oldest asked me if I could make her costume for Fall Harvest (Halloween) and I jumped at the chance! 



It’s royal purple – I swear! (Well I don’t , but I really do mean it!)



Steampunk is now available at Simplicity – who would have thought?  I’m having a great time so far, even though I’m only in the early stages.  Picking out the fabric was a bit of a challenge, they either had the right color, but not enough or they had enough, in ugly colors – finally I found the right color and someone had opened the box with a box cutter, slashing several yards of the fabric!!!!  *GASP!*  After the cutting clerk talked me back down and we put our heads together and figured out how to fix the problem.  With 13 yards of purple Taffeta, I went home happy and now have a new project for my evenings while my dentist man takes his next cruise.


I know – that was a lot to throw out there at once!  Now you know how I feel; that’s one doozy of a week!  I’m just so glad that, even for just a few weeks, I’ll have everyone safe and under my roof… especially with one of their wings is broken.





Stepping out August 1, 2012

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(My apologies in advance – I don’t normally do politics, but this really got-my-goat)





I may be out on a limb here and if you disagree that’s fine.  That’s actually more what this post is about that anything else.


Here in the US a company named Chic-Fil-A is being stormed by people who support or strongly dislike the company for something it’s owner said about his private views on marriage. 

This isn’t an uncommon theme lately. 

Everyday I get a barrage of FB updates telling me which company to support or not support for some reason or another.  I get it, you have an opinion.  I whole heartily support your right to spend your money where it suits you best.  I completely agree that if a company does something you dislike you have every right to not shop there.  I do the same thing.

  • Guns/No guns
  • SSM/Traditional
  • Choice/Life
  • Faith/No Faith
  • Muslim/Anti Muslim
  • Mil/Non Mil

Where my agreement with this ends is when large groups or the government try to step in and tell the company that they may not have that opinion or face possible removal.  Or in this case, a private citizen who happens to own a large business.

If you don’t like a business – don’t shop there.  There are 10’s, 100’s or 1000’s of other business that will accommodate you happily.


The same goes with clubs.  Why would you ask to join if they don’t share the same values as you?  To change them?  Then they’d no longer be the group you wanted to join in the first place.  Find a club that suits you better and leave the other clubs to their own business.


In Georgia recently the KKK asked to buy into the “Adopt a Highway” program.  While I completely disagree with their standing, they have every right to exist under free speech (as long as it’s only speech) and to buy that section.  (Granted I’d be very tempted to keep dumping my garbage on that stretch!)


Just because we don’t agree with someone, does not mean we should silence them.  I dislike a lot of idea’s – but unless someone is actually getting harmed (*Cough* KKK) then they have every right to exist.  Not only exist, but to speak freely.


The bakery who chose not to cater to a SS couple.  Why would you want that business to make your cake anyway – wouldn’t you want someone who shared your passion?  Leave them to the people who agree with them and take your money somewhere else. 

Companies should have the right to say “No Thank You” to people they disagree with also, even if it costs them.

I’ve been turned away – I didn’t turn it into a huge situation.  I spent my money elsewhere.  End of story!


At some point-in-time it will end up being your opinion that some large group or the government doesn’t agree with.  What then?


I will be joining others on the 1’st in supporting Chick-Fil-A.  Not because I like their food (I’m not partial to it actually) and not because of an opinion for or against what their owner had as a private citizen.  I’ll be supporting them because we are supposed to have the right to freedom of speech, even if it IS slowly getting chipped away…..