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Let’s just go with annaphaltcic? August 10, 2012

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It turns out the second-born had to have surgery on his arm after all….








That’s ok, these things happen. 


But when you have food allergies, this creates a whole new set of issues.





The second-born is allergic to corn (gmo), wheat (gluten) and dairy (casein) – the three things that are in *everything*!  Right now, go walk into your kitchen and look at anything you can reach for – it’s ok….. I’ll wait.


Bread – wheat of course, but also corn syrup, corn starch and probably dairy

Steak sauce – corn syrup, caramel color (wheat)

Ketchup – corn syrup

Lunch meat – corn syrup, corn starch, wheat, caramel color and sometimes dairy



Now go look in your medicine cabinet – waiting…..


Your pills, most likely compressed using corn starch (modified food starch, so it could be any starch that they got in that day). 

Syrups, most likely sweetened with corn syrup and may be suspended in corn starch and maltodextrin (which is most likely made with corn). 





When you have food allergies, it can cause different symptoms; some mild and some extreme.  While at camp my son came across a few other kids with the food allergies – a wonderful woman there was nice enough to take on the challenge of all these issues and make an allergen free menu.  *SAINT*  There were kids who would get physically ill if they came into contact with certain allergens – as in hospital visit. 

My son happens to grow horns and become evil OR get’s depressed and we don’t see him for days.  It can also cause sores or rashes on his body. 

Besides these reactions, when your body is trying to fight this allergy, it brings your immune system to a halt while it has to do battle with what it perceives as an invader.  If you’re at home, this should be ok because you’re around all your usual cooties (technical term there), but if your say – getting surgery and having steel rods put in your arm, your body has to do battle on four fronts.  The fight against the rods, the incision, the cooties at the hospital AND the food allergies.

While *I* get this and have to deal with it every day, the poor nurses, docs and pharmacists think you’re nuts and figure – he won’t *die*, just deal with the behavioral problems when they show up!  Which, if we couldn’t find anything else we would do, but if we can find an alternative – WE’RE GOING TO! 

“He can’t have apple juice?”  (corn syrup)  “He can’t have apple sauce?”  (corn syrup)  “He can’t have crackers?”  (wheat, possibly dairy)

“He can have rice.”  Rice it was!

What if those behavioral problems turn into physical problems because he hurts himself in a fit of depression?  Or because he shows “manic” symptoms and won’t sit still?  What if his body can’t fight on all four fronts and get’s an infection?  What if the corn causes sores under his splint?

I honest-to-goodness thought the pharmacist was going to flog me when I went through all the prescriptions! 

Food allergies aren’t just about not liking a certain food or even a little stomach ache – they’re about real issues and sometimes horrible consequences, but if you’re not going to die, it’s hard to convince a lot of people that it’s real.

Trust me – we know we’re a huge pain when we go to restaurants, doctors offices or even the movies.  Sleep-overs are always interesting too.  If you think it’s a pain for you for an hour, try living this way your whole life.






Any thoughts?

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