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Some days…. August 17, 2012

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….. you just can’t win.





Others you’re a super star!


We’re usually on the other end.  My dentist man and I are used to having two choices:  Sucks and sucks more.  So when we were recently given two great choices, we were shocked!


Over the last month we’ve had our renters trash “that house”, then decide they want to move.  We’ve had a broken arm, surgery and a reaction to the follow-up meds.  We’ve had a car drive into the rental and a retainer eaten.  Our last big middle finger from life was when the town police decided to tell our insurance person off!


*Finally a transition*


With the angel that came to our door to save my son from a horrid evening of pain, everything started to turn.  We were honestly starting to get worried there; with these things usually coming in 3’s, we were heading towards 9’s.


The house is fine short of some minor damage and our son is doing great.  Everything is coming together to get “that house” rented again.  And wonder-of-all-wonders, my dentist man got a job offer! 


We still haven’t decided what we’re going to do yet.   However, we are glad to have finally made it through this last crazy month before he ships out again and hopefully we can stay more on the star side for a while.






Any thoughts?

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