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NOPE, NOT READY! August 28, 2012

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 It’s the time of year that kids start their soccer, go back to school and the cool winds of fall are starting to interrupt my morning coffee on the porch.







I guess it’s good timing?  My dentist man’s ship pulled out of port Monday for another 9 month-ish trip.  I was sort of hoping for a rainy day since that’s what my mood was, but instead the late Summer sun kept the day just as it should be, calm and light.  I’ll miss him, but he’ll be back soon – the sun promises!

Most kids are starting back to school around here Thursday or Friday of this week, which always seems a bit silly to me.  Not only to start it on the end of the week, but before the holiday?  I guess that’s why I home school though?

However in our house, with all the craziness that has gone on with our summer between trips, breaks, deployments and home issues I’m just not ready yet.  I’m really not – not in body, mind or soul and really you need at least two of those to get things going.  So I’ve decided to start late this year – I hear no complaints from the minions!  Not by much though really, just long enough to get my act together…. for school anyhow.

I wasn’t quite ready for soccer either?  “You want to start… already?  But summer isn’t even over yet?”  No sooner did I say that than the cool winds started blowing!  That’s what I get for saying it I suppose.

As for that that wind – I guess my 3 weeks of “hot” summer days were supposed to be enough?  I think I got spoiled by the S.E.  I want a good 3 MONTHS of hot!  I demand more days!  And yet, the extra blanket has been put back on my bed and the heater in my sewing room is buzzing again. 

While driving my dentist man to base the other morning, we even had to turn the heater on.  Sort of sad I think.  I guess I should be thankful though – that’s been 3 weeks without rain too, which is a rarity around here.  Also makes it so I don’t have to mow now that my mowing-boy is broken.

So, as my summer days are closing in on me faster than I can move, I’m finishing up outdoor projects before the rain starts again.  Before I NEED to start school and before dastardly Fall sets in completely making me hunker down until our next move.