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17th September 1, 2012

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Before my dentist man left we managed to fit our anniversary in.  It was our 17th this year.  Not monumental, but since we missed last years this one was special, for us at least.


We did the usual, dinner and a movie.  We even dressed up!  (Don’t tell anyone, but I even wore a skirt!)


Our usual dates consist of sneaking off to the nearest fast food joint for 30 minutes and discussing the latest matters while little ears aren’t prying.


We went out to a fancy restaurant.  I don’t think we’ve ever been to one so nice actually?  Wine was brought to the table as soon as we were sat.  Everything was infused with something.  Most of the menu we couldn’t pronounce.  And once we pointed to what we wanted to order for the waitress, we just sat….

… a few words here and there.  Something about the day that made us laugh.


After a great dinner that ended with bacon infused gelato….. mmmm -bacon!   We headed off to the movies….

… only a few words here and there.  Laughing about the directions “Garmin” gives us.


I don’t do girly movies – we watched The Expendables 2.  My kind of movie!  My dentist man surprised me with those new special seats that “rumble” with the action.  Very entertaining! 

After our laughter on the way out at the tacky lines, the great action and the three guys behind us that would laugh so hard at all the gruesome parts, we got into the car and it was so quiet all the way home….

… just a few words.  A look, a smile.  So quiet.


Maybe it was the upcoming deployment or the excitement of the day.  But I think it had more to do with our growing years together.  We started dating when we were 17 and now 19 years later…. It’s not boring to not talk anymore, we already know most of what each other is thinking.  It’s so nice to just sit and be comfortable and to know the person next to you is thinking the same things, has the same concerns, laughs at the same jokes and wants the same things….

… I guess love really only needs a few words.







Any thoughts?

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