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Where did I put that? September 7, 2012

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As we loaded the last of the groceries into the car the other day I came to the firm and sad conclusion that I am no longer fun.  I’m quite sure I lost my fun somewhere between here and the east coast a few years ago, because that’s the last time I remember being fun.  I must have packed it up somewhere?

Somewhere along the line, between throw-up, food allergies, schoolwork, bills and moves, it got placed in a box for safe keeping to come out at a later date; only to be forgotten.





I know I was fun as a kid – I remember watching the polywogs swim in the wash machine.  That was AWESOME!

I know I was NOT fun as a 13-year-old.  We’ll leave that one alone.

I know I was a blast as a high schooler – I was the only one with my own car, job and money.

I know I was a fun wife – I’ve got four kiddo’s to prove it. *wink*

I know I was fun when my kiddos were little – Who else does “Paint day” like the blanken-family!


When did I become the mom that gives evil looks?  That sighs at everything?  That can’t wait for her kids to go to bed instead of having a stay-up night on a weekday?  That makes tents with blankets and considers ketchup a veggie?  Who made schoolwork fun and put up hammocks for beds under a giant parachute in their bedroom!





I am determined to find that box and get it unpacked!  I want to find that crazy girl again!  I want to roller blade through the living room again, put tape on the dogs feet, laugh about the fake flies in the ice cubes and attempt to make baked items that never turn out right.

I want to remember, as my oldest stated “When you have to wait to get home to eat your candy – the drive takes FOREVER!”  (It’s true too you know!) 

Somewhere in the back of my garage is a box marked “silliness/goofiness/happiness/FUN” and if it takes me forever, I’m going to find that box and be that girl again.

So if anyone has seen my fun – please let me know, my family will pay handsomely for it!




3 Responses to “Where did I put that?”

  1. Jen Says:

    Hi, Just wanted you to know that you won the year’s subscription to Home Educating Family at the giveaway on my blog! Please send me your mailing info a so I can get them your information. Congratulations! 🙂

  2. Karen Says:

    It’s in NJ, in my garage. Come and get it!! 😉

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