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Deployment curse…. September 28, 2012

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I think we’ve discussed this here before, but at the current rate that my household is falling apart – it needs to be revisited!









Deployment curse is what happens to the folks left behind.  Usually in the form of broken wash machines (last deployment – fixed it myself thank you!), emergency room visits (also last deployment.  I’m much better now.)  Illnesses, deaths or various household disasters.

Ok, this is actually just life, but life seem’s to sneak up on us fast and hard once that ship/plane/tank/sub pulls out!







I’m usually able to handle most of these issues myself.  Most mil spouses are – you won’t last long if you’re a wuss!  Think of the first month of deployment as spouses “boot camp”. Anything and everything *will* go wrong that first month.  If you survive, you can stay in and have the “privilege” of staying a mil spouse.  You wash out – you go home….  I refuse to go home!!


In the first month of our last, long deployment the wash machine started leaking, the cat started peeing on *everything*, the pets all needed to go into the vet, our air mattress got a hole in it, our new mattress took 3 months to show up (I guess that wasn’t just the first month then?), the van started having “issues”, our cars got broken into…. twice, the mailbox knocked over, the front pavers tossed around and I ended up in the Urgent Care getting ON the field at soccer.


I’m sure there was more, but those are the highlights.


THIS time around:  The van lost all its brakes, we had to do massive cleaning after the last renters, the fridge broke, all three of the boys’ school laptops ceased working… the day before school, our old lady dog had a seizure and they found a “mass” while she was being observed, the first-born came down with pneumonia, and the big dog has developed a limp that may spell the end.


BUT – today was the last day of the first month…. I think we’re done.  I think.


On the lighter side of all this:  This is the first year or so the van has cost us money in repairs.  We have new renters already.  I fixed the fridge and all we lost was milk.  The boys’ old netbooks lasted a whole three years – which is amazing for those, even when they aren’t being abused by small gremlins!  Plus, we really enjoyed the extra week off while we were waiting for the new ones to show up.  The first-born got his meds today, so he should be all good by the time school starts again.


All-in-all, we’ve survived!  The first month is gone and over with!  And if there is a way to put a positive spin on the dreaded “Deployment curse” is that it helps keep your mind off of how unstable, dangerous and scary things are where your loved one is headed – especially as your grumbling over a puddle of cat pee thinking they got the good end of the deal!














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