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RESET October 15, 2012

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Can I just start this whole thing over?  I mean, really.  The hubby leaves and literally the whole house falls apart?  I don’t think so!




The last two weeks, I’ve been incapacitated by the dastardly flu.  Mind you – the doctor, the pharmacist and the nurses ALL asked me if I’d like the evil shot, and of course I turned them all down.  Alas – I was already a carrier, thanks to my well taught lessons on sharing, my first-born had handed off his cooties to me like a tainted bag of candy.

I started feeling it come on about a month ago, but frankly I had no time for sickness.  Surgeries, sick boys, sick dogs, failing fridges, costumes to be made, schoolwork to be started and soccer games to be played?  Nope, no illness allowed!






But the night I finished the costume, I felt it.  I laid my head down on my pillow and I felt a little click in my chest.  Before it was just a tightness, a warmness that was lingering… waiting.  By morning – it was like a flood of phlegm had rushed to my lungs, sinuses and throat!  The cold, the hot, the aches, the pains, the coughs, the sniffles, the sweats – NO!






I let my guard down since I had finished all my projects.  I had allowed myself to think it would pass.  To think I might rest – Silly me!


Two weeks later, after 1 half-way repaired fridge, 2 wobbly dogs, 4 sick boys, one sick mom and an untimely email from my dentist man on the great time he was having on a beautiful island off of Thailand, right as I was hoisting myself from the porcelain throne due to some very nasty flu meds…. I’m finally feeling somewhat human again.





The body is at least moving.  A small crackle in my chest, a little wheezing and a few brain cells short, we can restart this whole thing all over again.


And like some sort of cosmic revenge for the untimely email earlier, there is a bug going around the ship…..



……….don’t look at me like that.


2 Responses to “RESET”

  1. Amanda Burrow Says:

    Glad to hear you are feeling a “bit” better! Get well soon my dear!

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