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My world of boys, textiles and moving.

This is what happen’s when your house tries to swim November 9, 2012


With the elections over and me, not feeling so great about the outcome (oh, like you didn’t know I was conservative) and all that was going on with “that house”, I was feeling a bit, well, twitchy.





But a bit of perspective on the elections and my place in it, has certainly helped – oddly enough it came from my boys too.  Sometimes they can be so smart!


I suppose the massage I got didn’t hurt either?


I also started getting pictures from “that house” – it ‘ain’t pretty, but it could have been worse!



A neighbor’s house.



We’re going to get a new kitchen out of it, including a dishwasher this time – which it seriously needed!  We’re putting in a half bath, which it also seriously needed.  Six people and one bath ….. yeah, that was a long 3 years.  And a new hvac system.  Gone are the radiators – in with an actual heating and cooling system!





Our renters year old couch – with a little something extra.




Along with the girls “seemingly” healthy and our future plans for next few years starting to come together, a long deep breath and a little perspective goes a long way!


While I’m anxiously waiting to see how it comes out, it’s time to finish up Christmas gifts, Christmas packages that need to be sent to my dentist man and plans for the holidays.  I can’t do much from here, for over there, so I might as well stay out of their hair and just send the checks.


I should have some good-looking knits to post next week and a few new sewing projects coming up.


I would just hope that the house tries to stay out of the ocean for a while!




Any thoughts?

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