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HAPPY HOLIDAYS (or some such thing) November 23, 2012

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It’s that time of year again!


No, not the time to be jolly, merry or loving towards neighbors, but instead to sue, yell, scream and threaten one another because they dare believe something different.


Already we’re having Nativity scenes taken down in the public square by people who believe it’s the governments way of pushing a religion, even though they have multiple holiday depictions of varying types in the same square.





I once had a Jewish woman get angry with me for offering her a candy cane during this time, while I worked as a cashier.  It’s candy – I’m not passing out the New Testament!





While people of the Christian faith get their tighty-whitey’s all in a bunch because someone at the store dare call it “Holidays” and not Christmas.





This country was founded on freedom *OF* religion, not from religion.  Which goes all ways.  Just because someone may not believe, even if it is the foundation of the country, doesn’t mean everyone has too.  That was the whole purpose of this country!  (Well, that and gold, but that’s another blog.)

As a people who don’t have a faith – is looking at the Nativity scene a requirement by law?  Why doesn’t the Menorah bother people as much?  If all the religions, or lack there of are represented, why the big hissy-fit?  If it’s public grounds, shouldn’t we all have access to it, even if it is those blasted, crazy religious people, or is that just a right given to those who choose to believe in nothing?

As a person of faith, why in the world would someone be bothered by a loving, caring gesture by someone from another faith?  Do you get upset when someone says they’ll pray for someone?  Or wishes someone luck?  No, but hand out a piece of candy or wish  a good time of the year in the wrong way and the troops are rallied to boycott!  Getting upset over people who don’t believe, foisting their beliefs or lack-there-of on others and then turning around and doing the same thing makes is just plain silly?





If you believe this time of year is nothing different, then allow the rest of us to enjoy the beauty and love of the season.  I personally promise you don’t have to enjoy any of it.


If you believe it’s just a good time to love your family and friends and that’s it.  Lovely!  Please allow the rest of us to enjoy the same season in our own way without being sued because of the injustice of a bell-ringer at the grocery store doors said “Merry Christmas”.


If you believe that this is the solstice, this should be the time to renew and to let go of the old ways.  This should be a time to gather loved ones near and appreciate the old year and the new year to come.  Not a time to shout out that this holiday was hijacked by those darn “people of faith”.


If you are Jewish, this is a time to be thankful for what God has done in this last year and in past times for your people.   And though those of us buzzing around may not share the faith, but believe in the same loving God that protects His people, we can share Him – I promise!  And candy isn’t going to ruin that protection.


Christians, which I am – Man, sometimes we all can be so uptight!  Yes, He is the reason for our season and yes, as a country founded on mostly Christian beliefs it would be nice to have that acknowledged everywhere, but just as God has given us freedom, our country gives everyone the right to believe or not believe and yelling “JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THIS SEASON!!” at the 16-year-old stock girl at Walmart who just wished you a “Happy Holidays”, isn’t exactly spreading the faith.  Besides, if we really are THAT upset over it being the “holidays” in the first place, we wouldn’t be at Walmart on Thanksgiving evening buying everything on sale – we’d be at home, with the people who matter and remembering that Christmas isn’t about the gifts from the store, but instead about the gift given to us so long ago.



Now go out and have a ginormously good Christmas, Holiday, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, or what ever else you choose or choose not to celebrate.  I for one am going to love the freaking crap out of my fellow revelers (or non-revelers)  whether they like it or not!




Any thoughts?

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