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Hey, hey, hey – good bye! January 2, 2013

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Na, na, nana.  Na, na, nana.

Hey,hey, hey – good bye!








I am so glad the year is over – 2012 sucked…. rocks…. big time!

However, I did learn a few things…..

~ Bad things don’t always come in 3’s.  Sometimes they stockpile and gang up on you all at once.

~ Just because you try to make it a great time, doesn’t make it a great time.

~ Traditions can be broken.

~ Sometimes it is ok to cry.

~ Dog’s really can be sad.

~ Just because a town called “Highlands” doesn’t mean it’s above flood level.

~ Cleaning is very therapeutic.  So is alcohol and sex.  Neither of which I have gotten any of this year, so I guess it’s back to the cleaning.

~ Kids grow up faster than you can figure out how to raise them.

~ Being quiet is nice sometimes.

~ Turning the phone off for the day, can really mess with people’s heads.

~ Paying the bill and thinking you paid the bill are two different things.  Always check.

~ Deployment curses are real and evil.

~ Take kindness from strangers.  But don’t take their issues – we have enough of our own.

~ “It’s about quality of life.”


By working so hard to keep the girls around for Christmas, I had forgotten why I wanted them around for Christmas.  The piddling, the groaning, the seizures, the meds, all were starting to get to me.  The vet had said this last quote about 20 times, I’m quite sure he thought I was a complete dunce.  He finally gave me the look of “Hello!” and said it again.  OH…. you mean MY life, not theirs!  I was sacrificing my quality of life, to keep them going for a few more weeks.  And why?  That’s when I had to decide if it was worth it, and if it was – hush.  If not, let them go.  I decided to hush.


It was worth it.


How many times do we do this with our lives though?  Try so hard for something, that the meaning get’s lost?  Keeping the fancy car, the bigger house, the nicer clothes, but missing our family, working to keep those things.  Is it worth it?  Is the homeschooling worth it if it’s driving me nuts or do I just need to hush and enjoy it while I can?  Is keeping “that house”, this house, the carpets straight, the car clean, the grass perfect, and my hair brushed worth it?




This was a big lesson for me.  I think this is what I’ll choose to carry into the new year.


“It’s about quality of life.”





And just to let you know, the girls did both make it through Christmas, being the good girls that they are!  

The old lady dog passed on the 26th.  She’s in a far better place where her joints don’t hurt, she doesn’t piddle, the big dog isn’t there and the squirrels are slow.

The big dog took a turn for the worse after her sister passed and won’t be with us by next week.  She too will be in a far better place where there is no cancer, the water bowls are higher, couches are bigger and the squirrels are huge.  

They will be terribly missed.




Any thoughts?

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