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Distractions February 1, 2013

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It appears as though I haven’t been doing much sewing lately.  That my complaining has eclipsed my abilities to function.

I swear – I’ve been busy!  A girl’s got to have some sort of distraction from life you know.


Let’s start with the last Christmas present I made.  I sent it off to my brother a few weeks after Christmas, but hey, it made it didn’t it!

It’s made with Fisherman’s Wool (still has the lanolin) in our family’s pattern.  It’s an Irish thing.







My MIL bought some different yarns for me to work with, in whatever patterns I choose.  I began with some hand-dyed linen she found on discount.  I think she’ll like what I did with it?






When I got my treadle sewing machine, I wanted to practice at it.  You may not know this, but it does take a bit of practice and patience to get the cadence down to go with the beauty.  So I started to make a “thread scarf”.  A scarf you sew on water solvent stabilizer.  Between moves however, I never hooked the belt back up.  On a night when my brain wasn’t functioning enough to work on any patterns, I pulled it back out.  Back and forth I could handle!  This is what I got – I love it in my hair now that it’s less stiff.  I’ll definitely be making another one.






My son had been asking for flannel backed satin p.j.’s (don’t knock him – guys love silky!) and since he got a pair, I thought it was only fair I finally got some too.  However, I got the amount of fabric suggested and as usual, between me conserving fabric in the layout and my… uh … lack of height, I managed to get several items out of the yardage I bought.














It was my turn to have something knitted for myself.  I went through my stocking stash and out came the yummiest, mouth-wateringest, softest yarn EVER!  I’m just in love!






Ok, I need to give a disclaimer before you see this next one…… it’s not pink.  I swear it!  Ok, it’s slightly pink – it’s coral.  The actual color is Coral pink.  But it’s very obnoxious, so I’m good with it!   The color that shows up in the picture however, is NOT the color that it is!!  Evil camera.

These are fingerless gloves I made for when I’m sitting out at soccer games.  Frankly, for when I’m sitting in at soccer games too.  The indoor arena has been COLD lately!





I’m almost embarrassed to post that one.  Those look SO gag me pink.  *bleck*


And lastly, I promise, with all my heart to never, ever, ever post a picture of myself in these!  At least that you’ll be able to tell.  HA!

After several attempts at making a scarf out of this ribbon yarn that I absolutely love (I mean, the color is perfect, the glitter is perfect.  The yarn is perfect!).  It finally dawned on me to stop attempting a scarf – it’s not like I wear them anyway!  I came up with these, extremely awesome shorts!  Bloomers if you will.  Perfect for under costumes that are just a bit too short for decency as a mom and just weird enough to hang on my sewing room wall to freak my boys out!