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Yards and yards February 26, 2013






I just finished buying fabric for my churches upcoming Good Friday and Easter service plays.  As I “speak”, 140+ yards of quilting cotton are being washed and ready to be ironed….. I hate ironing, but it’s for a good cause dang it!
























Let’s see here, that would be….

  • 12 Apostles
  • 8 men
  • 5 women
  • 2 angels
  • 1 Pilate


…… in about 3 weeks.


That’s…. like a town.  I think I’ve actually been to that one?


So I’m setting my sparkly costume aside to work on some more “spiritual” work.  I’ll be praying I finish in time!






This also means schoolwork in mom’s sewing room and breaks only for sleep, soccer and arguing with the insurance company (yes, we’re still trying to get a floor).






Is all the work worth it?  Of course!  Free sewing project – always worth it!  Oh and you know, a good message to boot.