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This is your brain….. March 19, 2013

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This is your brain on deployment!






If all goes well, my dentist man should be home on time – which is good.  Especially since my brain left me a few weeks ago and I can’t seem to find it?  I could be in the flood paperwork, tax paperwork, the new move paperwork (and if you’re mil, you KNOW what that website is like – bringing grown military men to tears!!), graduation paperwork, school work, church work, soccer paperwork or medical paperwork.


And yes, I’m fully aware that if it’s small enough to fit into the paperwork folder I didn’t have much to begin with.  Hush you!


After this weekends mishap of getting one of my sons to their soccer game 30 minutes late, “Game time’s at 3:00, but we need to be there at 2:30 for warm-up – got it.  Leave the house at 3:00 to get there on time.”  Yeah, you read that right!


Today I called to get tax info on “that house” and after the initial “Hello”…. it was all down hill from there.  Actually, it was a cliff.  That’s all that would come out.  That poor, wonderful woman managed to piece together what I needed from my few studdered, fractured words, let alone any sentences, that managed to make it out of my mouth.


I’m still not even sure what I said?  I hope I was polite?


I’ve officially named one of the girls on my soccer team “Not Bonnie” due to the fact that  that’s all I can get out when I see her….. her name is Brooke and Brooke would really like me to stop calling her “Not Bonnie”.  And as team manager, I really should!  Right Benny, Becky, Bennet….. Not Bonnie – dang-it!


As I down another cup of coffee and the boys check their soccer practice schedule to make sure we’re headed to the right field, at the right time, on the right day, with the right child, we speed off and I hope I remember where I’m going before we get there!


“Where was I going again?”




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Any thoughts?

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