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Talent, gift, desire, whatever…. March 25, 2013

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This video has been passed around FB for a while now, but I just love it.  I always wanted to be able to play music, or sing.  I was actually in band and choir growing up; not sure why as my musical abilities are as severely lacking as the math talent it’s supposed to assist with?  And as I popped out little boys – it only got worse.


It doesn’t stop me from appreciating the music however.


That makes me think of my talent, or gift, or whatever you want to call it.  Sewing definitely creates something and is even an art, but it’s not as if sewing brings dramatic feelings to a person.  We don’t see a person crying tears of joy over newly hemmed pants (well, I’ve seen some pretty weepy brides over their gowns?) or people standing in ovation at the pure amazement of a new scarf.  So what does a person do when their talent isn’t life changing or ovation worthy?


If you think about it, the car mechanic doesn’t get much glory, or the plumber.  Mothers, teachers or road workers.  But that’s their calling, gift, desire or talent.  And without them we wouldn’t be able to appreciate musicians, actors, artists or the various other creative outlets that bring everyone else so much passion and joy.


So, as someone who “just” sews, the appreciation for our talent comes from knowing that the person out front sharing their gift, has all their dangly bits covered so we can all better enjoy their talent.








2 Responses to “Talent, gift, desire, whatever….”

  1. aburrow76 Says:

    I am impressed with sewing since it can frustrate me sometimes when I get to it. I guess like everything else it takes practice.

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