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The Last Supper April 2, 2013

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I showed you a few weeks ago the yards and yards of fabric I had to work with for an Easter play at our church.  And after about 6 weeks, several measurements and several more trips to the fabric store we had these –







The guys all looked great (and a few women not pictured here)






the last supper



It was a great play on Good Friday and the ending was on Easter – my favorite holiday.


For me, Easter is even more important than Christmas.  Yes Jesus came down from His greatness at Christmas to be a helpless baby, giving up everything to be like us, but in the end, that seems the easy part.  The hard part was seeing what turds we were and STILL dying for us!  To me, this is the most amazing thing in all the world!  To sacrifice for us…. us…. me…. yeah, because I’m one of those colossal screw ups too and He could have decided anytime that “Father – these people are not worth it.  I’m coming back up and they can work this out for themselves.”  But He didn’t.


And no bunny, no chocolate, no jelly beans can compare to that great, amazing gift!





5 Responses to “The Last Supper”

  1. Wow, you did an amazzzing job! (I zoomed in on your pics hehe)
    Amen nothing can compare to Jesus’s sacrifice, thank you Jesus!

  2. aburrow76 Says:

    Both Amen for Easter and lovely costumes I am sure. I second that Amen!

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