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Stupid question? April 12, 2013

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We’ve all heard that there is no such thing as a stupid question…. but we all know that there really is.


Or “Ask a stupid question; get a stupid answer.”  which is probably more accurate than the first line here.


As a homeschool mom, I get all kinds of questions all. day. long.  Some really good ones, some that are just part of schoolwork and then there are some questions that you really have to wonder about…. “Child, did you just seriously ask me that?”


I am notorious for asking stupid questions though (just ask my husband) – some I don’t expect answer’s too, some are honest questions that I probably should know the answer to, but don’t.  And since no one wants to answer them, I’m left wondering.  Sometimes, that can be a very bad thing….



question 3


I remember once in high school, asking someone what the piece of paper was that came with my car tags every year, “You should know that by now.” and they walked off.  About 10 years later I found out it was the registration for my car and I had been throwing it out all those years not knowing.

Should I have known?  Probably.  But if no one tells you, how do you find out?


Which is why I always, always answer honest questions, no matter how stupid they sound…. I may answer with a giggle, but I answer none-the-less!


I’m not talking rude questions here…. “Are you done having kids?” asked the Sears appliance woman.  I just looked at her in dismay?


I thought of this the other day when my oldest came home from school and was telling me about his day.  He was talking about his new Business Statistics teacher.  He had dared ask a question in class and the teacher began a 15 minute lecture on how stupid the question was and told him he obviously needed to go back to pre-algebra.  Nice – what is the school paying you for again?

Thank goodness he has a tutor who actually does her job!  In spite of struggling with math, he’s top of his class, no thanks to a teacher who thinks it’s above him to answer questions.

When he went to class the next week, he ended up showing his teacher how to use his own calculator.


If there is any point here, it’s that there really are dumb questions, but as long as they’re honest questions – answer them.  At some point in time, you’ll have dumb questions too.  We all have them.  And they all need to be answered.






question 2



Any thoughts?

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