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Let the countdown begin! April 19, 2013

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Just a bit longer now until my dentist man comes home and we begin a whole new adventure.


He has decided after this last crazy, crazy deployment that he wants to stick around a bit more, so he’ll be taking a job with a fellow student he went to dental school with and switch to the Navy reserves.


At least for now.


The longest we’ve ever stayed in one place is four years, even out of the military, so we’ll see how long he can take it.  *laughs*


So while I’m getting the last few items checked of my list that absolutely need to be done before he get’s home.  And checking off the last few items that I want to get done before he get’s home, I’m fitting in a little sewing time to calm my nerves.





Working hard….





“Nerves?” you say?  Yes, nerves.  He hasn’t seen me in 8 months – a very LONG 8 months and I’m not the same person after this “interesting” last year.  Not to mention the upcoming changes.  It’s all a bit much.


So while I’m a bit apprehensive about his arrival day, I’m very excited for his homecoming, and our brand new adventure in wide open spaces!









2 Responses to “Let the countdown begin!”

  1. Excited for both of you and the adventure ahead!!

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