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Homecoming day April 25, 2013

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Two years…. we’ve been stationed here two years and after two years, he’s finally home.  I’ve seen him a total of a month and a half, but not all at once.  But he’s home now.  *sigh of relief*


The funnier part of that – “that house” will be done next week.  He missed all the fun!


He flew home earlier than the ship to make room for what’s called “The Tiger Cruise”, where they take civilians on board (no spouses for obvious reasons) to show them what their sailor’s life has been like.  So my husbands bunk is now occupied by some grandmother… we’re having a great time picturing her trying to climb into his top bunk!








Since the oldest is 18 now, we left the 3 younger’s in his care while I headed off to the base almost 3 hours away.  First time… I was sweating it a bit.  (No deaths to report however)


My attempt to reach my husband, on the most beautiful week we’ve seen in literally 6 months, was quite the adventure.  An hour and a half through beautiful farms next to the water, over long bridges, narrow country roads with trees overhead just to get to the ferry that I almost missed in spite of leaving early.  I was the last car on….. nearly hanging off.   If I had to of waited for the next one, I would have been an hour and a half late to pick him up – Not cool.  I was so happy to have made it, tears were coming to my eyes!








The ferry ride made for a good time to finish up soccer plans for the evening (not mine, but my teams) and contractor talk and then politely telling them I won’t be answering the phone for two days…. so you can try to call, but I’m not answering!  A nice forty-five minute ride across and I was delivered to the island where the base is located.








I managed to hit school release.  *sigh* Darn public schoolers!


Finally I made it to the base.  I was so excited to have made it, I had forgotten to ask the guards for map at the gate which left me up to my own, directionally challenged self, to find where his plane was landing…. on an air base…. which means planes are everywhere you look.  I am now very well acquainted with this base.  Finally seeing a building where women were all decked out in their finest AND hauling babies in strollers, I figured that must be the spot!


I parked myself in the terminal the furthest from the crowd I could get and began reading while waiting,  in an attempt to not hear everyone’s conversations about their sexy new skivvies, how they made their outfit, their babies outfit and decked out the house for homecoming all from Pinterest, or how they’re going to mount their man in the parking lot…. ok, maybe the reading wasn’t working so well?  Anyway, I figured he’d be one of the last guys off, so I wasn’t going to stand at the door.  The next thing I know the woman in front of me who had been nervously chatting up the woman next to her for 30 minutes stopped, looked at me in sheer disgust, hands to her side in “Jazz hands” style and a grunt in her throat as my husband poked me to get my attention.


“Oh – hey!”  *Picture my grin from ear-to-ear*

Her face of “That’s it?” as we turned to the doors and walked out, was left behind.

“C’mon, let’s get out of here!!”


We headed to the base hotel that we booked for the night just the two of us.  Dinner, a little t.v., pictures of his adventures and some alone time.  He was finally home.


What an amazing day!






2 Responses to “Homecoming day”

  1. Shelley Says:

    So glad he is finally home!! Your blog post made me laugh because I could just picture you making it on that ferry and then searching your way around base.

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