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Moving on…. May 5, 2013







I have been ignoring you…. could you tell?  Don’t take it personal, it’s for a good reason I swear!


With my dentist man being home, it’s been a whirl-wind of activities.  Visiting friends and family all last week.  This weekend “that house” is getting its final touches, we went out to the “dry side” and checked out a few homes and the place he’ll be practicing.



cle elum



And what a perfect week to do it too – it’s been gorgeous!  I mean really  – it’s never like this?  Nearly 90* in May?  Sorry mid-west, we stole your sunshine.  We’ll give it back, I promise… maybe.


We left the oldest two home, since they have a life and all.  I felt like I was forgetting something the whole time?  But the younger two enjoyed their time “alone”.


It’s a very strange feeling to be looking for what’s supposed to be your final home?  It just seems so…. final?  I’m so not used to this concept and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.  How do you look around a town and think “Yup, these are the same faces I want to see for the next 60 years”?


To relieve some of my anxiety we are getting land though.  My time with neighbor’s is done!  I know, that seems a bit harsh, but let’s admit here and now that we haven’t had the best track record the last few years them?  Not to mention, it saves my neighbors from having to deal with me!






While it’s not my first choice of places to live, it is dry – dry is the key word here.  I can’t take anymore rain and the “dry side” has four distinct season.  I do love a good reason to knit and snow does that for you!  And I’ll be the first one to admit that I’ve thought I wouldn’t like a place before and changed my mind, so please don’t take my hesitation as complaint, it’s merely caution before a new situation.  After this year, I would rather have familiarity than excitement and adventure, but adventure is what I’ll get none-the-less!






Life is like that.


We’re moving again, but this time on to a new kind of adventure.






8 Responses to “Moving on….”

  1. Beautiful, beautiful views! Hard for me to imagine no neighbors (living in Manhattan!) but very happy for you!

    • blankenmom Says:

      Quite honestly, it’s S.I. and NJ that did me in on neighbors. I know my girlfriend from Manhattan had a very hard time adjusting to the little coastal NJ town with “so much space”. I will have no such problem however. 😉

      If you’re ever out our way, you can visit and see what it’s like.

      • S.I & NJ?? I don’t blame you…lol. And thanks, you let me know if you’re in my hood too! (although I’m guessing not for a while!) ps- this summer I am visiting my boyfriend’s parents in a small, rural town in southern Mississippi. Space adjusting and then some 🙂

      • blankenmom Says:

        We’ve driven through Mississippi and that’s about it. Just don’t swim in the water…. it looks like chocolate milk? O.o They are super nice in the south though. We’ve lived in SC and TX, I’m guessing they fall somewhere between their “nice” meter. (Yes, it’s two different kinds of nice!)

  2. trixfred30 Says:

    You’re so lucky having views like that. Where we live, you get a view of someone else’s bedroom – not great if you like a bit of privacy!

    • blankenmom Says:

      It is true – it’s gorgeous out there! And even if we see a few houses, at least they won’t be right on top of us. If it makes you feel any better though, “that house” was so close the the neighbors house, I could pass them coffee in the morning. Hahaha! I am really going to enjoy the quiet and the view!

      • trixfred30 Says:

        Jealous. We have to keep the curtains drawn! Also we can hear the woman nest door hoovering. (we live in a ‘Victorian cottage’ which actually means we live in a terraced house) and grief yesterday she hoovered for about 3 hours. We think she has OCD.

      • blankenmom Says:

        HAHAHA! OMG’sh you should tell her to come and work on your floors next since she’s feeling the need!

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