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Can’t or won’t? May 31, 2013

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I’m not sure how it works in your circles, but in ours, the sequester is actually causing an issue.  Manufactured issue or not, it is.



With budget cuts at our base for civilians, there is going to be a lot of already short belts being tightened.  With many of the families, both parents or spouses work on base, so they get hit twice.  Imagine losing $500-$1000+ a month along with a $500 health insurance rise.


Many of the families tell me that I just don’t understand because my husband is a dentist, as though he was born one?  After 18+ years together, he’s only been a dentist 3 of those.  I frequently get told that they can’t afford a budget cut or to even be a one income family, but we wouldn’t understand that either.


Ummm – for the most part, we’ve been a one income family for the entire 18 years!  Yeah, I pitch in here and there when things get tight, but it’s nothing major, just enough to get through.  4 boys on less than $50,000 was a usual for us and I have people with only 1 or 2 kids telling me they won’t survive on $100,000?  I have a hard time with this?  What the heck are they buying?


Ok, I’m not the most frugal person.  I can’t write a budgeting, couponing or major savings blog, but I can encourage people to know it can be done, with a lot of self-control.  And I’m not putting those people down who feel like it can’t be done either, they just aren’t used to the idea.  A one income family, no matter how many kids and, within reason, the income, can be done – even if it’s just to put the second income in savings for a rainy day.  Hey, some people aren’t completely crazy and actually like leaving their houses!  I get that too!


My heart really does go out to my friends though.  This is a major hit.  It’s scary and they truly don’t know how they’re going to make it.  I get their fear (especially since money is my biggest stress causer, even when we have money in the bank), but I also won’t coddle the idea that it can’t be done.  Nonsense is nonsense, even when you think it’s true.








Do you have a lot of big toys you don’t need?

Do you really need cable?

Smoke; drink soda or alcohol?

Do your kids really need that many activities?

Do *you* need that many activities?

Do you cook most of your meals or is take out brought home more often?




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It all boils down to, can’t or won’t.

There are so many little and big ways that we all spend money we shouldn’t.  I would love to hear your favorite ways to save money!