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A slight insight into the “Y” chromosome brain June 21, 2013

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This won’t be scientific or even a lecture on men’s brains.  It’s merely an insight into some of their more bizarre behavior.  Actually, one recent incident that makes it glaringly clear – the difference between XX and XY, in the most general of terms.

For Father’s Day this year I gave my dentist man, his father and my step-father all the same thing, hey, don’t mess with me on originality – Father’s Day fell on graduation, I was a bit preoccupied!  anyhow… I gave them each this nifty little item.




An electric bug zapper "wand".

An electric bug zapper “wand”.




Never in my wildest dreams did I think this little item would be the hit it was.  I gave it to my father-in-law at graduation and he proceeded to show it off proudly to my brother-in-law.  My step-dad gave out a hearty “Hey Cool!”

Once we got home from said festivities, my second-born proceeded to place the provided batteries in his dads.  And that’s when that darn Y came into play.  I could see it in his eye!  The tongue began to emerge and the racket came closer “SON!”  Now… being the mother of boys is also realizing that you can curb stupidity, but by not allowing a certain amount of “experimentation” (aka: stupidity) only worse things can happen.  “Son.  You may touch it with your finger, but NOT your tongue…. or your brothers.”  Satisfied with this, he proceeded to touch it.



“OUCH!  That freaking HURTS!”  Duh.


Within minutes the three youngers found a poor misguided bug that had been tapping at their playroom window for quite a while, in bug terms that is.


*ZAP – SPARK* …. fizzle….

“WHOA – COOL!”  The hunt began.


Having found several more bugs outside and the sun coming down, they decided to head in, but not before I hear….



“OUCH – that really DOES hurt!”  from the third-born.  Duh.

(I just hope he didn’t lick it?)


The next night, after all bugs dumb enough to wander in had been hunted, my dentist man couldn’t resist.  It’s my fault really, I did leave it next to him after all.



“Man, that really DOES hurt.”  Duh.


Yesterday…. my first-born, spying this item for the first time was intrigued.  New toy?  His newly graduated brain asks.  And here comes the tongue again.  “Son!  Finger, not the tongue…. or your brothers.”



The zapper goes flying and girlish squeal comes flying from his mouth.  “Crap!  That really DOES hurt!”  Duh.


And just today, the fourth-born comes into our room to hide from his older brothers while I’m folding laundry and see’s his opportunity.  No one has let him have a turn at our newest acquisition, and again, here comes the tongue.  “Son.  Not the tongue.”  (I don’t need to worry about the brothers.)  “Does it really hurt?”  “Uh, yeah!”



“Oh – that really DOES hurt!”  Duh.


My point here is… not only would you NOT see those of us carrying twin X chromosomes wanting to lick various items – especially those that have been used to exterminate any sort of animal…. save bacon, but if we had actually been knuckle-headed enough to touch it in the first place, we’d share the experience, believe the other person and avoid repeating it!  Mind you…. that hasn’t stopped procreation somehow.  Some things you just don’t learn I guess?

As I explain this phenomenon to my boys, as best I can explain even to myself, that boys have this instinct so as to protect those XX’s around them.  It’s a good thing as goofy as that sounds.  As boys will attempt something painful more than once just to make sure it really does hurt the second time because hunting, fighting for your family or various other manual tasks that may cause pain wouldn’t happen if their brains told them to stop after the first time.  If they saw the men around them falling in battle and that Y wasn’t telling them “It can’t hurt THAT bad”, battles may never have been won.


Hey – it’s all I’ve got to explain this bizarre behavior.  Give me something!


Still doesn’t explain the licking…. for that I’ve got nothin?



I got me a graduate! June 20, 2013

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Two of his best friends (yes you're seeing double)

Two of his best friends



Ok, really it’s not as special as it sounds.  With over 200 people in just his college graduating class alone, not to mention the high school he was registered with and 1000’s of schools around the country and even more across the world, we’re pretty small and insignificant.  I get that.


But in our tiny little, blankenworld it’s a big deal!  While working full-time, he graduated from high school with a two-year degree from a local community college – with a 3.59 no less!  (No, no proud mama here.)  It’s a great program in our state that uses school funds to advance students who qualify to local community colleges giving them a leg up and saving $1000’s in student loans for later schooling if the student chooses to go on.  I LOVE this program!  I love my tax dollars going to this program for not just my students, but students around the state.  I wish every state had this!

Our student…. our adult, will be moving out next month and looking for an apprenticeship in baking or work in a restaurant instead of going on to more schooling (at least for now).  After seeing our student loans from dental school and reading up on just how scary they are for others his age with no promise of jobs on the other end, he’s chosen to forego the whole process – being forced into classes that have nothing to do with what he loves to do – and go straight to the source.


“But wait” you say.  “What about being a well-rounded human being that knows about ancient civilizations, poems and women’s studies?”  And I say to that – how exactly is that going to help him bake a cake, frost a cookie or hand a little girl a free cupcake?  Life, not studies, are what truly make you well-rounded and teach you real lessons.  And knowing my son, he’ll be reading up on most of those things anyway.


So unless he’s going to be  scientist, doctor or teacher, I think he’s got the right idea.  I hope his brothers are as wise as he is.  (Although I’m quite sure #3 will be going on to college since he’s an engineer type – I’d prefer people building my bridges go on to further their education a bit.  But that’s just me.)

Along with his wonderful girlfriend who graduates next year, at his side.  And after he learns a few more skills and saves up some major money, he plans on opening his own bakery/coffee shop like one of his mentors back on the east coast.


It’s so much fun to watch a whole new future start – kids are constantly amazing!






He’s ready.  I think we’ve done alright with this one.


…..aaaaand hold. June 11, 2013






I’m in a holding pattern… and I don’t like it.   While the school year has ended freeing my mind up from one more task and me up to get things done, it’s not time to get them done yet.  I’m stuck with nothing to do and a million things that will need to be done.  Soon….


I don’t like sitting still.  I’m a multitasker at heart, but I also have a short attention span too, so the major projects I’ve been working on…. for months, are starting to really wear me thin.  I want to move on, but again, here I am…. waiting.


My sewing is about to be put in a box.  My knitting is about to be put in a bag.  My tools are being packed up to be brought out at the next house.  No projects to distract me.


I’m trying to think of it as the calm before the storm, but that just gets me more anxious.


I am however finding some comfort in the thought that I know the Lords hand is in all this.


There are lessons I’m not learning so I need to stay here a bit longer and big things that need to be done, that can’t be, until I have a full grasp of what He expects.  And I tend to be a bit thick, I need extra time for it to sink in.


No matter what, things will be happening.  My oldest will be graduating next week and moving out at the end of the month.  We will be transferring to the reserves and attempting civilian life, again.  Moves and major life changes – it’s scary, especially when I’m already tired and worn out, instead of the usual excitement and anticipation I feel with change.


But knowing that it’s all got a bigger purpose than just me and that it’s handled by someone bigger and better than me (thank goodness it’s not handled by me!), is what keeps me hanging on in this holding pattern.  I have a feeling this particular landing may be a bit rough and may only be a lay over, but I’m going to learn what I can from it just like I always do and enjoy the scenery while I can.