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Waking to a miracle July 29, 2013

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I woke up this morning listening to the radio as I always do, when the news started talking about a politician that had been in the news lately because of her pregnancy.


The news here for Jaime Herrera-Beutler and husbands new little girl.


Why does this excite me so much since I don’t know these people at all?


Without getting too preachy, because no one wants to hear it, I’ll just make a big “hoorah” for the docs who didn’t give up and did what doctors are supposed to do – save even the smallest life, with even very little hope.  For the babies who do, and don’t make it.  And the parents who have the courage to fight on, and to know when it’s time to say loving good-bye.


Sure – they could have terminated the baby, why not, they can always make more right?  But in pursuing this ally of treatment which is still experimental and may not always work and yes, probably is not very cost-effective now, someday may become routine, lowering the cost and saving many, many more lives.  After all, pace-makers were at one time experimental and astronomical in price, but we pushed forward to keep working on them instead of just throwing up our collective hands saying “Let them die, they’re not worth the cost.”

Yeah, I know a lot of this still costs the same as a house…. but how much would you pay for your spouse, your child, your mother or father….. for yourself?  Two, three, four houses worth?  Are you or someone you know here by some technology that at one time was said not to be worth the cost, but is now common?  And by trying something new, by pushing the technology envelope, how many more people will be saved because of a handful of people who are willing to take the risk – emotionally, physically and financially?


Yes, there comes a moment when it’s time to let our loved ones go; they’re tired, they’re ready; it’s not about cost – it’s about the body becoming more machine, than soul.  The people who do this amaze me at their strength after fighting so long.  That strength is its own miracle.


But now…. now is not that time!


So baby Abigail, and all you other mini-miracles.  Fight on!  You’re not just fighting for your life – you’re fighting for those who come after you.  For the doctors and nurses who don’t give up on you.  For the parents who love and pray for you through tears of heartache and joy.  And to show those who say “Their life isn’t worth it, start over.”  That ALL life should be given a fighting chance!






Someday – these tiny little feet, may be making more miracles of their own.


Any thoughts?

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