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Hotel He** August 15, 2013

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hotel room



One would think that sitting in a hotel for a week…. or two, doing nothing would be wonderful.  No worries, no cleaning, no anything.  The “no anything” is where the hitch is coming in.


While we’re sitting here waiting for our home loan to come through after our last company bailed a month and a half into the process with an “Oops – we shouldn’t have offered you a loan.  Sorry you have nowhere to go now.”  Another company came in behind and said “Sure, we could do that, just give us time.”  So here we sit.  My dentist man getting to escape to work for 6-8 hours a day and the boys and I sit here.  Pool time is a good distraction for the boys and when we have the van, we try to find free parks, walks and events.

So we don’t break the bank we’re eating in as much as possible, but it get’s comical with no fridge or microwave.  The boys are taking it all in stride however and are calling this a “vacation”.  Do we know how to party or what!


In the end though, I am truly feeling lucky.  We are able to afford the hotels.  We are still able to feed ourselves, even if it’s P.B. & J’s, Top Ramen and the second-born’s gluten-free soups (yes we bought a box of 72).  Three months of free storage from the mil.  We have furniture again after a month of sitting on the floor.  We have a job.  And we’re together, which after the past two years is something to truly be excited for.  Although, after two weeks with all five of us in one room, that may change.


Now – off to the pool….. again.








Any thoughts?

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